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Texel 2001

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Date: 11 August 2001

Made by: Scramble, Raymond van Dijkhuize, Henk & Martijn Geerlingsn

Updated: 30 November 2003

Harrier GR7, RAF 4sq
It is always a bit strange to see an active fighter on a grass field. During the Texel International Airshow this Harrier GR7 ZD470 with a colourful tail that displays the colours of No.4 squadron, had to use its V/STOL capabilities to take part in the static display.

Photo: Hans Rolink

D-8266		F-104G		preserved    
B-77	        Bo105CB		299Sqn       
J-248	        F-16A		on trailer   
L-07	        PC-7		131(EMVO)Sqn 
R-03	        AB412SP		303Sqn       
Q-09	        AH-64D		301Sqn       
1006	        M-28B-1R	3DLMW
ZD406/35	Harrier GR7	4sq
ZD470		Harrier GR7	4sq, spec mks    
D-EIWZ	        FanTrainer 600	ex Luftwaffe 9876
F-AZCG	        Pilatus P2-05	ex Swiss AF U-106
F-AZKM	        OV-10B		ex GAF 9924              
F-GMED		PC-7		Les Apaches 
F-GMEE		PC-7		Les Apaches 
G-AGYY/27	PT-21		ex USAAF 41-1942
G-BBMX		Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WP924/17
HA-ANI	        An-2P		St. Antonov Ned.       
LZ-KLC	        L-410UVP-E	nn             
N320SQ "232511"	TB-25N		DoBAF

Flying only:
J-058, J-362	F-16AM		315sq
E.25-17/74-40	C-101EB		Grupo 74
E.25-18/74-42	C-101EB		Grupo 74
XX263/263	Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
ZA947/YS-H	Dakota C3	BoBMF
PM631/S		Spitfire PR19	BoBMF
LF363/US-C	Hurricane IIc	BoBMF
1x		Tornado GR1A	13sq
PH-DDS		DC-4-1009	DDA
PH-OUQ "3W-17"	Spitfire LF9	KLu Hist.Flt
And the Biely Albatrosy with the following L-39Cs:
0112/1	0442/2	0101/4	0111/5 	0102/6	0443/7

Small civil aircraft:
D-EBVI		C172 
D-EEUQ	        MS893
D-EEVE	        C172 
D-EGUR	        DR140
D-ELHY	        AA5  
D-ELOB	        C172 
D-EMLS	        C210 
D-EMUE	        DR50 
D-EOHP	        DR50 
D-EOOW	        C172 
D-KBKB	        HK36 
D-KITA	        RF4  
D-KOHA	        RF4  
D-MSCN	        FASC.
G-RAJS	        F22  
PH-AFP	        P170S
PH-AIL	        SIA8 
PH-APA	        PA18 
PH-BIK	        V150 
PH-BNK	        BE36 
PH-DFC	        TB10 
PH-DFJ	        TB10 
PH-EVF	        C150 
PH-HCW	        C172 
PH-HIL	        C150 
PH-MBW	        FH20 
PH-MHE	        PA32 
PH-MRC	        F22  
PH-PEP	        PITTS
PH-POP	        EALE 
PH-PPP	        PARO 
PH-SKE		C172
PH-SMD	        PA32
PH-SVG	        PA28
PH-TAT	        STRS
PH-TGD	        C152
PH-UWA	        C150
PH-VCF	        TB10
PH-VCX	        PA18
PH-WDR	        PA18
PH-WWI	        SE5A
PH-ZSS	        C172
PH-3E1	        RANS
PH-3F8	        C42 
PH-3H1	        RANS
N202AS	        PA28
N9912H	        B75N
N65909	        C172
RA01276	        SU29
RA04180	        SU26
RA44519	        SU31

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