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Twenthe 1976

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Date: 6 May 1976

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland

Updated: 16 March 1999

F-4E Phantom, USAFE
The USAF painted several aircraft in special colours to mark the "Bicentennial" anniversary of the United States of America. Five Phantoms of Bitburg in these special colours were at Twente during the Tactical Weapon Meet and one of these is 69-0271 which is visible on the picture.

Photo copyright Willy Metze

68-0517   BT          F-4E                         36TFW/22TFS  BI-CEN MRKS. 
69-0236   BT          F-4E                         36TFW/22TFS  BI-CEN MRKS. 
69-0245   BT          F-4E                         36TFW/22TFS  BI-CEN MRKS. 
69-0255   BT          F-4E                         36TFW/22TFS  BI-CEN MRKS. 
69-0271   BT          F-4E                         36TFW/22TFS  BI-CEN MRKS. 
66-7575   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-7595   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8727   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8793   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
66-8797   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
104733    733         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104762    762         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104839    839         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104899    899         CF104G                       1.CAG 
L2017     20+15       F-104G                       JABOG31 
L2045     20+38       F-104G                       JABOG31 
L2046     20+39       F-104G                       JABOG31 
L2056     20+48       F-104G                       JABOG31 
M7312     26+52       F-104G                       JABOG31 
S9150     26+12       F-104G                       JABOG32 
S9189     26+37       F-104G                       JABOG32 
M7306     26+46       F-104G                       JABOG32 
M7314     26+54       F-104G                       JABOG32 
....      .....       F-104G                       JABOG32 
XV404                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.31 SQN 
XV426                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.31 SQN 
XV462                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.31 SQN 
XV494                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.31 SQN 
XV501                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.31 SQN 
K3010                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K3030                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K3046                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K3054                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K3...                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
50        13-SB       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
44        13-SD       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
37        13-SK       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
22        13-SS       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
15        BA15        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG 
47        BA47        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG 
K4002                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN 
K4008                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN 
K4030                 NF-5B                        NO.315 SQN 
133393    393         CT133                        1.CAG 
4129      58+54       DO28D2                       JABOG32 
82        41-AP       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 

Additional aircraft noted on 3 May: 
38        13-SR       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
          BA55        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG 
          BA63        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG 
          70+54       UH-1D 
          70+55       UH-1D 
          70+97       UH-1D 
K3012                 NF-5A                        NB 
K3062                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K4005                 NF-5B                        NB 
P166                  F-84F                        DECOY 
P191                  F-84F                        DECOY 
P209                  F-84F                        DECOY 
P234                  F-84F                        DECOY 
          A218        ALOUETTE 3                   GPLV 
          A226        ALOUETTE 3                   GPLV 
          A343        ALOUETTE 3                   GPLV 
          A374        ALOUETTE 3                   GPLV 

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