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Twenthe 1979

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Date: 15 September 1979

Made by: Ai

Updated: 23 March 2007

Bo105CB              B-76                 KLu 
NF-5A                K-3042               KLu 
F-16B                J-259                KLu 322 Sqn
F-84F                P-171                KLu 
F-104G               D-8338               KLu 312 Sqn
F27-300M             C-11                 KLu 
Atlantic             252/V                MLD 
Mirage F1C           54/12-YH             EC1/12 
F-4F                 3801                 WGAF 
G.91R                3051                 WGAF 
G.91R		     3243		  WGAF JBG41
Buccaneer S.2B       XW530/Q              16 Sqn 
Jaguar GR.1          XZ381/CD             20 Sqn 
A-10A                70233/WR             81 TFW 
CH-47C               70-18540             US Army 
F-4D                 68759/SP             52 TFW 
F-15A                70085/CR             32 TFS 
F-111F               30711/LN             48 TFW 
UH-1H		     66-16540 		  nn
OV-10A               67-14641             601 TCW 

NF-5A                K-3001               KLu 
NF-5B                K-4002               KLu 
NF-5B                K-4003               KLu 
NF-5B                K-4015               KLu 
NF-5B                K-4030               KLu 

Alouette III         H-67                 KLu 
Alouette III         A-246                KLu, Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-265                KLu, Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-390                KLu, Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-470                KLu, Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-483                KLu 
Alouette III         A-521                KLu 
Bo105CB              B-74                 KLu 
NF-5A                K-3003               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3005               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3011               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3012               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3019               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3035               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3051               KLu                    attack demo 
NF-5A                K-3052               KLu                    attack demo 
F-16A                J-213                KLu 
F-104G               D-8331               KLu 312 Sqn
F27-100              C-2                  KLu 
F27-300M             C-4                  KLu 
F27-300M             C-7                  KLu 
F27-300M             C-10                 KLu 
Atlantic             256/V                MLD 
Mirage F1C           25/12-YC             EC1/12 
Harrier GR.3         XV792/N              3 Sqn 
F-28                 PH-ZBU               Fokker/Air Anglia 
Pitts Special        G-BBOH 
Tiger Moth           PH-CSL 

F-86K                Q-283                Gate guard 

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