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Twenthe 1996

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Date: 5/6 July 1996

Made by: Mic

Updated: 30 April 2001

Tornado, German AF
The German unit JBG32 gave these stunning tiger colours to Tornado ECR 46+45. Although it was taking part in the static display, Mark Schenk was able to take a picture of this bird during arrival.

Photo Mark Schenk

H46                 A109HA             17BnHATk 
5015                L-39ZA             322tlt 
3756                MiG-21UM           LZO               special c/s 
9013                Su-25K             322tlt 	         special c/s
E-188               F-16A              Esk723 
H-213               H500M              Haer Fl 
P-352               AS550C2            PVHKmp 
2299/AIU            AS532UL            4RHCM 
1261/ANI            SA341F             7RHC 
48                  Super Etendard     11F 
4335                Tornado            JBG38 
4465                Tornado            AG51 
4591                Tornado            AG51 	         special c/s
4645                Tornado ECR        JBG32             tiger c/s 
8498                CH-53G             HFR15 
8636                Bo105P             HFR36 
15                  MiG-29             59HVO 
MM6812/5-33         F-104S-ASA         23 Gr 
LX-N90458           E-3A               NAEWF 
B-40                Bo105CB            299sq             IFOR mks 
C-8                 F27-300M           334sq             special c/s 
G-273               C-130H-30          334sq 	         IFOR mks
J-243               F-16A              313sq 
J-246               F-16A              315sq 	
J-253               F-16A              313sq 	         tiger mks
J-267               F-16B              nb 
L-04                PC-7               EMVO 
S-400               AS532U2            300sq 
T-235               KDC-10             334sq 
U-04                Fokker 60UTA       334sq 
V-11                G.1159C            334sq 
85-25472            AH-64A             301sq 
0419                W-3W               253PKP 
35545/45            J-35J              F10 
60147/147           Sk60E              F5 
XX247/CM            Hawk T1A           100sqn 
XZ391/GM            Jaguar GR1B        54(R)sqn 
XX481/CU-560        Jetstream T2       750sqn 
XZ675/E             Lynx AH7           671sqn 
ZD580/710           Sea Harrier F/A2   899sqn 
XV677/N-269         Sea King HAS6      814sqn 
ZA169/N-265         Sea King HAS6      814sqn 
81-0963/SP          A-10A              81st FS 
81-0991/SP          OA-10A             81st FS 
57-1506/D           KC-135R            351st ARS 
79-0025/SP          F-15C              53rd FS 
86-0166/LN          F-15C              493rd FS 
74-22513            UH-1H              HQ USEUCOM 
AT25                Alpha Jet          9w                special c/s 
AT26                Alpha Jet          9w 
MT36                CM170R             33sm              special c/s 
MT48                CM170R             33sm 		 special c/s
ST22                SF260M             5sm/The Swallows 
ST35                SF260M             5sm/The Swallows 
0004                L-39MS             32ZTL 
7711                MiG-21MF           LZO 		 demo c/s
4007/32/NA-2C       Su-22M4K           321tpzlt 
7310/25/NA-2A       Su-22UM3K          321tpzlt 
ET-022              F-16B              Esk723 
E15/7-PP            Jaguar E           EC02.007 
E32/7-PF            Jaguar E           EC02.007 
E37/7-PQ            Jaguar E           EC02.007 
4/2-FR              Mirage 2000C       EC02.002 
520/2-FW            Mirage 2000B       EC02.002 
3744                F-4F               JG73 
3750                F-4F               JG73 
MM6920/5-35         F-104S-ASA         23 Gr 
G-275               C-130H-30          334sq 
J-508               F-16A              312sq             demo c/s 
J-511               F-16A              311sq/nb 
L-03                PC-7               EMVO 
L-08                PC-7               EMVO 
U-02                Fokker 60UTA       334sq 
U-03                Fokker 60UTA       334sq 
0921                MiG-29             1/1SLP 
5304                MiG-29UB           1/1SLP 
T.19B-19/35-37      CN235              Ala 35 
E.25-28/1           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-21/2           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-13/3           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-14/4           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-08/5           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-27/6           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-50/7           C101EB             Team Aguila 
E.25-07/8           C101EB             Team Aguila 
35520/14            J-35J              F10 
35594/50            J-35J              F10 
J-3081              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3083              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3084              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3085              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3087              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3090              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
J-3091              F-5E               Patrouille Suisse 
T-783               Falcon 50          VIP Flight 
XX235               Hawk T1            74sqn 
XX244               Hawk T1A           74sqn 
XZ108/A             Jaguar GR1A        16(R)sqn 	 also logged as XZ106
ZH796/715           Sea Harrier F/A2   899sqn 
ZF417/417           Tucano T1          1FTS 
ZF446/446           Tucano T1          1FTS 
84-0109             C-21A              76th AS 
D-EEGD              P.149D             ex GAF 9218
D-EERP              P.149D             ex GAF 9177
D-EIFE              FWP.149D           ex GAF 9108
G-ASNB              Auster AOP.6       ex\as RAF VX118
G-BBMX              DHC-1              ex RAF WP924
HA-ANI              An-2
N5369X              D-18S              ex CAF
N55904              NA-64              as CAF 3349
N68987              PT-17              as USArmy 371
OO-FOR              AD-4NA             ex\as FAF 126965
PH-ACG              S-11               ex\as E-36
PH-AFS              S-11               ex\as E-14        
PH-DDA              DC-3    
PH-GAU              L-21B              ex\as R-181      
PH-HOG              S-11               ex\as E-39        
PH-HOI              S-11               ex E-32
PH-HOL              S-11               ex\as E-27
PH-HTC              S-11               ex E-18
PH-IIB              AT-16              ex\as B-118
PH-KNR              L-21B              ex\as R-177      
PH-LSK              AT-16              ex\as B-64        
PH-MLM              AT-16              ex\as B-71        
PH-PPW              L-21B              ex\as R-122      
PH-PSC              L-21B              ex\as R-137      
PH-TBR              AT-16              ex B-182, as FS668
PH-TYG              DH-82A             ex\as A-12        
PH-UCS              J-3C               as R-345          
PH-ZCT              L-21B              ex R-169           
ZS-NUR              DC-4

Heli Flightline: 
1266/AMI            SA341F             4RHCM 
B-66                Bo105CB            299sq 
B-77                Bo105CB            299sq 
R-01                AB412SP            SAR Flight 
S-419               AS532U2            300sq 
D-664               CH-47D             298sq 
A-177               Alouette 3         302sq 
A-227		    Alouette 3	       302sq
A-275               Alouette 3         302sq 
A-301               Alouette 3         302sq 
A-399               Alouette 3         302sq 
A-521               Alouette 3         302sq 
A-542               Alouette 3         302sq 
278                 SH-14D             HELIGRP 
XW234               Puma HC1           nn 
XV670/N-188         Sea King HAS6      849sq 
ZG819/N-270         Sea King HAS6      814sq 

Q-283               F-86K              gateguard 
D-5805              TF-104G 
D-8338              F-104G 
I-19                Meteor T7 
K-3029              NF-5A 
L-11                S-14 
M-5                 T-33A 
P-171               F-84F 
P-226               F-84F 
R-87                L-18C 
473                 MiG-21SPS-K 

Inside tents: 
J-057               F-16A              315sq 
J-515               F-16A              315sq 

Flying only: 
T-264               KDC-10             334sq 
301                 P-3C               MARPAT            on Saturday 
302                 P-3C               MARPAT            on Friday 

Airfield Attack: 
J-011               F-16A              315sq 
J-138               F-16A              323sq 
J-140               F-16A              315sq 
J-146               F-16A              315sq 
J-201               F-16A              312sq 
J-223               F-16A              311sq 
J-235               F-16A              311sq 
J-255               F-16A              315sq 
J-510               F-16A              315sq 
J-514               F-16A              315sq 
J-656               F-16A              323sq 
plus five more 

CH11                C-130H             20sm 
1002                Su-25K             322tlt 		 special c/s
4301/G-20           Tornado            TTTE 
09                  MiG-29A            59HVO 
25                  MiG-29UB           59HVO 
26                  MiG-29UB           59HVO 
TE.12B-40/79-93     C212E-1            Ala 79 
84-0108             C-21A              76th AS 

2409                An-26              61DLT/6ZDL 
2507                An-26              61DLT/6ZDL 
C-1                 F27-100            334sq 
2506                An-26              32ZmDK 

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