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Twenthe 1987

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Date: 6 October 1987

Made by: Ronny Jansen


NF-5A		K-3032, K-3012		313 sqn
NF-5A		K-3048, K-3030	        313 sqn
NF-5A		K-3005, K-3025	        313 sqn
NF-5A		K-3024, K-3045	        313 sqn
NF-5A		K-3004, K-3042	        313 sqn
NF-5B		K-4013, K-4016	        313 sqn
NF-5B		K-4026		        313 sqn
BUCCANEER S2B	XT280		        12 sqn 
BUCCANEER S2B	XV869		        12 sqn 
BUCCANEER S2B	XT288		        12 sqn 
BUCCANEER S2B	XW543		        12 sqn 
HUNTER T7	XL616/P		        208 sqn
NF-5B		K-4020		        314 sqn
F-16A		J-876, J-864	        312 sqn
F-16B		J-261		        322 sqn
P-3C		301/V		        320 sqn
Bo-105CB	B-39		        299 sqn
F-16A		J-135, J-358, J-366	315 sqn SPECIAL MARKS
F-16B		J-210, J-211		315 sqn SPECIAL MARKS
OH 58A		69-16224		US ARMY
UH 1H		70-16290		US ARMY
JAQUAR GR1A	XZ358/L			41 sqn
ALPHA JET E	AT-29			9 sm
A-35XD		A-004			esk 725
TORNADO IDS	4432	                JBG 31 
TORNADO IDS	4396	                JBG 31 
TORNADO IDS	4406	                JBG 31 

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