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Valkenburg 1997

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Date: 13 September 1997

Made by: Tijs van den Berg, Scramble, Marcel de Jong, Patrick Dirksen

Updated: 29 May 2001

Su-27P Flanker, LII
This Flanker - the 598 wh (c/n 36911037820) - has become a regular visitor of airshows in the past few years. The organisation of the show at Valkenburg was also willing to pay the required dollars for the spectacular demonstration of this Su-27P.

Photo Frank Noort

AT18                 Alpha Jet                 1w 
MT48                 CM170                     33sm               special c/s 
F-249                G.1159A                   Esk 721 
24                   Atlantique 2              24F 
267                  Lynx HAS2                 31F 
4568                 Tornado IDS               MFG2 
MM25158/303-25       P166DL-3                  303 Gr 
MM40117/41-02        Br1150                    88 Gr 
J-879                F-16A                     312sq              special c/s 
U-04                 Fokker 60UTA              334sq 
U-05                 Fokker 50                 334sq 
301                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
1022                 An-28RM                   3DLMW/Polish AF 
XR506/V              Wessex HC2                72sq 
XZ697/305            Lynx HAS8                 815sq 
XZ725/633            Lynx HAS3S                702sq 
XZ729/632            Lynx HAS3S                702sq 
ZD252/671            Lynx HAS8                 LOEU 
ZA411/AJ-S           Tornado GR1B              617sq 
158925/LD-925        P-3C                      VP-10 
G-BUVF               DHC-2 
HA-ANI               An-2P 
N116MA               Lj35A 
PH-SBK               Be200 
PH-MNZ               Do228-212                 Kustwacht 
SE-IVE/583           C212CE                    Kustbevakning 

Hangar 6: 
R-87                 L-18C                     Militair Luchtvaart Museum 
8-1                  Dragonfly HR3             Militair Luchtvaart Museum 
N68987/371           PT-17 
PH-TBR               AT-16ND                   "FS668"
		     PBY-5A		       "16-212" under restoration

Flightline Eastside: 
ST21                 SF260M                    5sm/The Swallows 
ST22                 SF260M                    5sm/The Swallows 
ST35                 SF260M                    5sm/The Swallows 
B-43                 Bo105CB                   299sq 
J-209                F-16B                     322sq 
J-364                F-16A                     322sq              special c/s 
L-01                 PC-7                      131(EMVO)sq 
L-10                 PC-7                      131(EMVO)sq 
S-400                AS532U2                   300sq 
264                  SH-14D                    HELIGRP 
277                  SH-14D                    HELIGRP 
85-25480             AH-64A                    301sq 
'598'                Su-27P                    LII 		  c/n 36911037820
G-BXAV               Yak-52                    "72" 
G-YAKI               Yak-52                    "100" 
LY-AFB               Yak-52                    "1-12" 
LY-ALS               Yak-52                    "69" 
LY-ALT               Yak-52 
LY-AMU               Yak-52                    "42" 
N320SQ               B-25J                     "HD346/NO-V" Duke of Brabant Air Force 
VP-PBS               PBY-5A 
G-BTDP               TBM-3R                    "53319/RB" 

Flightline Westside: 
D-EEGD               P149D                     Seagull Formation
D-EERP               P149D                     Seagull Formation 
D-EIOH               P149D                     Seagull Formation 
G-BBMX               Chipmunk T10 
G-BWVX               Yak-52 
G-BWWX               Yak-11                    Holland Aerobatics       also noted as Yak-18 
N5369X               Beech 18 
OO-YUG               Z526                                               also noted as Z326 
PH-AFS               S-11                      Fokker Four 
PH-ACG               S-11                      Fokker Four 'E-36'
PH-HOG               S-11                      Fokker Four 
PH-HOK               S-11                      Fokker Four 
PH-KLU               AT-16ND                   "XS249" 

Far Side: 
D-661                CH-47D                    298sq 
302                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
304                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
305                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
307                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
309                  P-3C                      MARPAT 
312                  P-3C                      MARPAT 

A-275                Alouette 3                299sq 
140110               CP-140                    no mks (14 Wing) 
216/V                SP-2H                     Gate 

N319TB               TBM.700 
PH-HXH               B.206L 

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