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Volkel 2013

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Luchtmacht dagen/Air force days
Date: 14-15 June 2013
Static/parallel runway:
3H-FG PC-7 Lehrabteilung $
CH04 C-130H 20sm  
7353 Mi-24V 221.lbvr  
41 ye An-2 Estonia AF  
10 L-39C Estonia AF  
PI-01 PC-12 HävLLv 21  
HN-434 F-18C HävLLv 2  
114/118-IS, 133/118-GL Rafale C EC02.030  
30+57, 30+81 EF2000 JG73  
37+01 F-4F JG71 $
83+20 S. Lynx Mk88A MFG5 $
156753 TA-7C 336 Mira  
160616 A-7E 336 Mira $
42 JAS39D MH 59. Sz.D. R Friday disp.  
407 An26 MH 59. Sz.D. R  
2 C-17A HAW  
LX-N90446 E-3A NAEW&CF  
686 F-16AM FLO Demo c/s  
306 F-16BM FLO  
24 C295M 13.eltr  
15108 F-16AM Esq 201  
2703 C-27J Flotila 90 Transport  
2506 An-26 Dopravn? kr?dl  
5301 L-39CM Zmiesan? kr?dl $
PS915 Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF  
12-0141 MQ-9 GA-ASI serial not worn  
Q-17 AH-64D 301sq Demo c/s
J-002 F-16AM 323sq $
J-006 F-16AM 322sq $
J-015 F-16AM 312/313sq $
J-066 F-16BM 323sq Test c/s
T-264 KDC-10 334sq 15
N-227 NH-90 NFH 860sq  
D-EEGD P149D Seagull form. (ex 92+18)
D-EERP P149D Seagull form. (ex 91+77)
D-EFTU P149D Seagull form. (ex 90+73)
D-KAIR Stemme S6    
ES-TLE L-39ZO SkyLine Aviation(ex28+17)  
F-AZHG P3-03 ex Swiss A-805  
F-GLHF CM170R ex France 406  
G-AIDL Dominie 1 ex RAF TX310  
G-BWGL Hunter T8C as N-321  
G-BWTG Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WB671/910  
G-VROE Anson C21 ex RAF WD413  
N244MJ An2R    
N590D O-2A as 21300  
PH-AFS S11-1 as E-14  
PH-BYA Beech B58 KLM luchtvaartschool  
PH-CGC Do228-212 Dutch Coastguard  
PH-COP TB10 Regianal police Brabant  
PH-DHC U-6A ex RNLAF S-9  
PH-EMS EC135T2 ANWB medical air ass.  
PH-GRY S11-1 ex MLD 197/K  
PH-HOG S11-1 as E-39, ex MLD 198  
PH-HOK S11-1 ex RNLAF E-29  
PH-HOL S11-1 as RNLAF E-27  
PH-KAI, PH-KAJ T67M test &training centre  
PH-KHV Beechcraft D18S as G-29, ex Canada 2375  
PH-KMR Gippsland GA.8 Airvan    
PH-LIK L_4H as R344 ex ALAT 44-79866  
PH-MFA DA42NG Martinair flight school  
PH-MLL TB20 Martinair flight school  
PH-NET Auster 5 as TJ347  
PH-OUQ Spitfire LFIXc as MK732/3W-17  
PH-PBY PBY-5A as 16-218, ex Buno2459  
PH-PSC L-21B as R-137  
PH-PSI P-51D ex USAAF 44-74425/OC-G  
PH-RLD S91D    
PH-TBR AT-16ND ex RNLAF B-182  
PH-TYG DH82A as A-57  
PH-UEY AB204B Private as 227 7sq mks  
PH-WRW EC120B Helicon BV  
PH-XXV B-25N as 232511/N5-149  
SE-DXG (60140) Sk60E MT Heritage Flt. F5 mks  
SP-YNZ SBLim-2 ex Poland 006  
Static, In tents/grass area:
Q-14, Q-26 AH-64D 300sq  
B-67 Bo105CB-4 ex 299sq, i/a  
B-77 Bo105CB-4 spec c/s 299sq mks, wfu  
G-273 C-130H-30 336sq $
D-664 CH-47D 298sq  
J-248 F-16A i/a  
J-642 F-16AM 312sq  
J-876 F-16AM 312/313sq  
D-8114 F-104G ex 311sq pres.  
L-10 PC-7 131EMVOsq  
P-171 F-84F std  
The Thunderstreak was also wearing P-248 on the nose, so this could be a little mix together. We have P-171 in our database.;
Flightline far side, Safaripark:
3H-FK PC-7 Lehrabteilung  
FA84 F-16AM 2w $
FA129 F-16AM 2w  
9235 JAS39C Tiger mks.  
HN-452 F-18C HävLLv 21  
348/125-AL, 350/125-AJ Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
369/125-AG Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
3920,7411, 8309 Su-22M-4 21.BLT  
15133 F-16AM Esq201/301 Friday static
89-0022 F-16C 134 Filo  
91-0011 F-16C 134 Filo $
ZA947 Dakota III BoBMF  
J-021 F-16AM 312sq  
G-BWMF Meteor T7 ex RAF WA591/FMK-Q  
G-KAXF Hunter F6A as N-294, ex RAF XF515  
SE-DXN (37098) AJS37 Heritage Flt F7 mks  
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300, Patrouille de France.
E163/0, E114/1, E46/2, E95/3, E166/4, E73/5, E88/6, E152/7,
E44/8, E158/9
Flightline x-servicing ramp:
453 C295M 242.tsl  
3361 Mi-35 221.lbvr  
B-538 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
PI-05 PC-12 HävLLv 21  
86+70 Bo105P1M KHR26  
A-247, A-292, A-301 SA316B 300sq  
S-441, S-447 AS532U2 300sq  
R-02 AB412SP 303sq  
MB339A/PAN of 313° Gruppo, Frecce Tricolore:
MM54538/1, MM54534/3, MM55055/4, MM54510/6, MM54473/7,
MM54479/8, MM55054/9, MM54514/10, MM55059/0, MM54480/11,
Hawk T1/T1A*, Red Arrows:
XX219*, XX227*, XX242, XX244, XX264*, XX266*,
XX311, XX319*, XX322*, XX323*, XX325
F-5E, Patrouille de Suisse:
J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3087, J-3088, J-3090, J-3091
Air power demo
Q-05,Q-08,Q-13,Q-18 AH-64D 301sq @
Q-13,Q-16,Q-19,Q-29 AH-64D 301sq $
G-275 C-130H-30 336sq  
D-101, D-666 CH-47D 298sq  
J-368/AZ F-16BM 322/323sq  
J-513 F-16AM 323sq  
T-235 KDC-10 334sq  
F-16AM, 312/313sq:
J-003, J-005 @, J-011 #, J-014, J-016, J-055, J-196 #, J-616, J-643 @
@ Friday only
$ Saturday Only
Flying only:
L-01, L-03 L-07, L-12 PC-7 131EMVOsq  
T-785 Falcon900 LTDB 14-15
198/62-HF CN235M-300 ET03.062 14-15
$ special colours scheme

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