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Volkel 1988

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Date: 16 September 1988

Made by: Martin Herbert, Frans Planken, Peter C. Kess

Updated: 2 April 1999

622/33-CR         Mirage F1CR         ER1/33 FAF 
644/33-NS         Mirage F1CR         ER2/33 FAF 
BR19              Mirage 5BR          42sm BAF 
11253             RF84F               348Mira HAF 
MM6480            G91Y                101°Gr/8°St ItAF 
MM6958/8-65       G91Y                101°Gr/8°St ItAF 
XH175             Canberra PR9        1PRU RAF 
XZ398/D           Jaguar GR1          41sq RAF 
XZ361/25          Jaguar GR1A         2sq RAF 
XZ595/SAR         Sea King HAR3       202sq RAF 
AR-115            S35XD               Esk725 RDAF 
AT-156            Sk35XD              Esk725 RDAF 
ZD610/711         Sea Harrier FRS1    899sq RN 
J-648             F16A                306sq RNLAF 
J-657             F16B                311sq RNLAF 
TP-25             RF84E               ex 306sq RNLAF 
D-8063            RF104G              ex 306sq RNLAF 
H-81/SAR          SA316B              SAR Flt RNLAF 
AE.9-003/212-03   F5B                 Esc212 SpAF 
AR.9-61/21-56     RF5A                Esc212 SpAF 
68-0561/ZR        RF4C                38TRS USAF 
B-64/PH-LSK       AT16ND              civil RNLAF c/s 
R-213/OO-OAA      L21B                civil RNLAF c/s 
R-18/PH-NGK       Auster AOP6F        civil RNLAF c/s 
R-181/PH-GAU      L21B                civil, SVGR 

CH08              C-130H              20sm BAF 
J-192             F16A                311sq RNLAF 
J-201             F16A                322sq RNLAF 
J-622             F16A                311sq RNLAF 
J-640             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-643             F16A                306sq RNLAF 
J-654             F16B                312sq RNLAF 
J-656             F16B                312sq RNLAF 
J-864             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-869             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-872             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-873             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-874             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
J-879             F16A                312sq RNLAF 
D-8279            F-104G              At gate 

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