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Volkel 1995

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Date: 1 July 1995

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Updated: 10 July 2001

E-3A            LX-N90458        NAEWF 
TORNADO GR1B    ZA409            N.B. 
JAGUAR T2A      XX832            N.B. 
TORNADO GR1     ZA474/FF         12 SQN 
MIG-29          29+08            JG 73 
HAWK T1A        XX193/CB         100 SQN 
ALOUETTE 3      A-301            G.P.H. 
BO-105CB        B-48             G.P.H. 
C-130 H30       G-275            334 SQN 
F-16A           J-640,644,643    N.B. 
F-16A           J-242            N.B 
F-16B           J-064            312 SQN 
F-16A           J-212            312 SQN 
F-16B           J-263            N.B. 
F-16A           J-060            311 SQN 
PC-7            L-06             EMVO 
TF-104G         D-5805           MLM 
F-84F           P-226            314 SQN 
DHC-2           S-6,9            MCM 
SH-14D          272              HEL GR 
P-3CII          308              MARPAT 
CM-170R         MT-13            33 SM 
ALPHA JET       41+45            FLG 
F-4F            37+67            JG 74 
TORNADO         43+54            AG 51 
BO-105P         86+77            HFR 16 
TORNADO F3      ZE966/DZ         11 SQN 
TORNADO F3      ZE790/AO         56 SQN 
WESSEX HC2      XR497/F          72 SQN 
F-16A           E-596            ESK 730 
F-16A           ET-615           ESK 730 
F-16A           289              SKV 338 
F-16B           689              SKV 338 
SA-341G         1211/AMF         4 RHCM 
BR1050          76               4 F 
CASA-101 EB     E25-79/74-32     EMTYTA 
CASA-212 AA1    T12B-46/74-76    EMTYTA 
F-104S ASA      MM6732/4-5       9GR/4ST 
F-104S ASA      MM6761/4-3       9GR/4ST 
F-5B            00777/5-777      5 AJU 
F-5B            11033/5-033      5 AJU 
C-21A           84-0112          76 AS 
KC-135R         57-1506/D        100 ARW 
F-15C           84-0009/SP       53 FS 
A-10A           81-0984/SP       81 FS 
AH-64A          86-8952          2-6 CAV 
UH-1H           74-22513         1 AMDET 
UH-60A          88-26077         2-227 AVN 
MIG-21UM        3756             LZO 
SU-22M4         4006/31          321 TPZLT 
MI-24D          4011             331 VRLT 
AN-26           3208             1LK/2ZMDIP 
L-39C           0442/0           1LK/5LSP 
MIG-29UB        1303             1LK/1SLP 
1211/AMF	SA341F		 4RHC (30th only)
F-16A		J-645		 fuselage only
PBY-5A		C-FHHR		 as MLD Y-74

F27-300M        C-8 "DEMO"       334 SQN 
F27-300M	C-9		 334 SQN
F27-100         C-1              334 SQN 
Alouette III    A-451            GPH 
Alouette III    A-522            GPH 
Bo-105CB        B-44             299 Sq 
Bo-105CB        B-79             299 Sq 
Bo-105CB	2x		 299 Sq
F-16A           J-003,508        DEMO 
F-16A		J-213		 312 Sq (30th only)
F-16A           J-019            nb 
F-16A           J-628            306 Sq 
F-16A		4x		 Twenthe
PC-7            L-04,08,09,07,10 EMVO 
ALPHA JET       AT-03, AT-09     9 W 
CM-170R         MT-36            33 SM 
F-4F            37+71            JG 74 
TORNADO         44+70            JBG 38 
TORNADO         46+00            JBG 38 
CH-53G          84+71            HFR 15 
TORNADO F3      ZE732/AS         56 SQN 
MIRAGE 2000C    18/2-FL          EC 2/2 
MIRAGE 2000B    522/2-FY         EC 2/2 
AS-532M         2318/AIL         4 RHCM 
AB-412          R-01             S.A.R. 
G-222TCM        MM62123/46-28    2GR/46BA 
MB-339PAN       MM54480/0        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54475/1        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54484/3        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54473/4        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54482/5        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54439/6        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54478/7        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54445/8        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54477/9        313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54536/10       313 GR 
MB-339PAN       MM54479/11       313 GR 
MIG-21MF        7711             LZO 
MI-24V          0703             331 VRLT 
MI-24V          0709             331 VRLT 
MI-24V          0816             331 VRLT 
L-39C           0101             1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           0102             1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           0111             1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           0112             1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           0443             1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           4355/3           1LK/5SLP 
L-39C           4357             1LK/5SLP 
MIG-29          9308             1LK/1LSP 
F-117A          82-0805          9 FS         Stealth 01 
F27-300M        C-6              334 SQN      NAF 17 
SU-22M4         4209/54          - 
NIMROD MR2P     XV226/226        KINLOSS 
P-3C		303		 MARPAT (30th only)
Spitfire repl   P7981
P.149D		D-EEGD		 ex GAF 9218           
P.149D		D-EERP	         ex GAF 9177           
Chipmunk T.10	G-BBMX	         ex RAF WP924          
Chipmunk T.10	G-BDBP	         ex/as RAF WP843/F     
An-2            HA-ANI	                               
B-25		N320SQ	         as RAF HD346/NO-V     
D-18S           N5369X	                               
NA-64		N55904	         as CAF 3349           
P-51D		NL11T	         as USAF 44-74425/OC-G 
Zlin 526	OO-YUG	         as Yugo AF 106
S-11		PH-ACG	         ex/as E-36            
S-11		PH-AFS	         ex/as E-14            
DC-3            PH-DDA	                               
L-21B		PH-GAU	         ex/as R-181           
S-11		PH-HOG	         ex/as E-39            
S-11		PH-HOL	         ex/as E-27            
AT-16		PH-IIB	         ex/as B-118           
AT-16		PH-KLU	         as CAF XS249          
L-21B		PH-KNR	         ex/as R-177           
AT-16		PH-LSK	         ex/as B-64            
AT-16		PH-MLM	         ex/as B-71            
L-21B		PH-PPW	         ex/as R-122           
L-21B		PH-PSC	         ex/as R-137           
AT-16		PH-TBR	         as RAF FS668          
F-16A           J-511,636,631    N.B. 
F-16A           J-641,642,646    N.B. 
F-16A           J-647,867,215    N.B. 
F-16A           J-866            BL STER 
F-16A           J-010            312 SQN 
F-16A           J-223,240,250    311 SQN 
F-16A           J-146,201        314 SQN 
F-16A           J-241            322 SQN 

Aircraft noted on 30 June: 
Alouette III    A-350            Grashoppers 
Alouette III    A-324            Grashoppers 
Alouette III    A-390            Grashoppers 
Alouette III    A-453            Grashoppers 
Alouette III    A-261            GPH 
Alouette III    A-208            GPH 
Alouette III    A-292            GPH 
Alouette III    A-253            GPH 
Alouette III    A-227            GPH 
Alouette III    A-399            GPH 
Alouette III    A-209?           GPH 
Alouette III    A-535            GPH 
Bo-105CB        B-77             299 Sq 

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