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Volkel 2000

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Date: 1/2 September 2000

Made by: Scramble, SGV, Marcel de Jong, Peter Vercruijsse, Harrie Kraaijeveld

Updated: 1 August 2002

TA-7H, Greek AF
The annual open day of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) always attracts some special aircraft. This year stars of the show were two Corsairs of the Greek Air Force. But others might have preferred the Turkish Phantoms or the Romanian Lancers. The next generation fighters were also attending the show, with the Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen and the Rafale putting on some demonstrations and a mock-up of the JSF taking part in the static show. The picture shows the 161221, a TA-7H of 115PM in the static display.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

South side/static:
A53			SA318C		16BnHLn
ST42			SF260D		5sm
P-320			AS550C2		PVHKMP
H-213			H500M		Haer Fl
8093			Bo105M		HFVAS400
7344			UH-1D		HFR10
2904			MiG-29G		JG73
4641			Tornado ECR	JBG32
4574			Tornado IDS	MFG2
R2/61-MB		C-160R		ET03.061
B01			Rafale B	Dassault (F-ZWVS)
62			Super Etendard	11F
4213/BXF		SA342L1		3RHC
4091/BYQ		SA342M		3RHC
159949			A-7H		115PM
161221			TA-7H		115PM
MM54549/61-107		MB339A		RSSTA (61ºst mks)
AS9819 (ex 9H-ADF)	BN-2B-26	Air Squadron/2Rgt
LX-N90442		E-3A		NAEW&CF, spec c/s
671			F-16AM		338 skv
682			F-16AM		338 skv (331skv mks)
3C-OB			OH-58B		FlRg1/3
19			J35Ö		FlRg2/2
BB-32			Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/3
15104			F-16A		Esq201
15119			F-16B		Esq201
6824			Lancer C	Grupul 95
9501			Lancer B	Grupul 95
XX327			Hawk T1		CAM
XX351			Hawk T1A	nb/19(R)sq
ZF407			Tucano T1	1FTS
68-0383, 68-0427	F-4E		112Filo
71-0881			C-9A		75th AS
91-0329/LN		F-15E		492nd FS
91-0412/SP		F-16CJ		23rd FS
37410/10		JA37		F16/3
39186/186		JAS39A		Saab Aircraft
R-03			AB412SP		303sq 
S-459			AS532U2		300sq 
A-247			SE3160		300sq 
B-39			Bo105CB4	299sq, KFOR mks
B-77			Bo105CB		299sq, spec. c/s
V-11			G.1159C		334sq
G-275			C-130H-30	334sq, spec c/s "Joop Mulder"
J-249			F-16A		312sq 
J-630			F-16AM		311sq (306sq mks)
J-066			F-16BM		TG KLu "Orange Jumper"
J-264			F-16B		312sq (315sq mks)
U-05			Fokker50	334sq "Fons Aler"
U-03			Fokker60UTA-N	334sq "Jan Borghouts"
D-661			CH-47D		298sq 
Q-10			AH-64D		302sq 
300			P-3C		MARPAT 
L-07			PC-7		131EMVOsq 
F-GLHF			CM170		ex 406
F-GSHG			CM170		ex 45 
N295BS			YC-43/Beech D17S as USAAC "39-139" 
NC39165			R2D-1/DC-2-142	"PH-AJU/44" "Uiver"
OO-LHM			Do27A-3		ex GAF 5700 "The Rebel"
---                 	EF2000 mock-up  Eurofighter
---                 	X-35 JSF mock-up Lockheed-Martin

And the following light aircraft:
PH-BWA			Beech A36AT		KLM Luchtvaartschool
PH-DUC			Glasair IIRG-S	
PH-GRH			Ce172P			KLu Hist. Vlucht
PH-IBL			P220S	
PH-PHY			H269C			Prince Helicopter
PH-THE        		Colomban MC-15 Cricri                   
PH-VLK			PA-28-181 		KLM Luchtvaartschool "City of Eelde"
PH-ZSM			Kitfox 5 Speedster
PH-3B4         		Air Creation GTE Clipper XP      "Pilot Tommie"
PH-2U7         		Aviasud Mistral
PH-2S5         		CFM Shadow CD
PH-210         		Gö-4 Goevier 3
PH-619/56     		G-102 Astir CS Jeans
PH-2T1          	Rans S-6S Super Coyote 2
PH-1189/4A   		LS-4B
PH-2J9          	Pegasus Q-462
PH-2A1         		Pegasus Quasar          MAT Aero Team
PH-2A2         		Pegasus Quasar          MAT Aero Team
PH-2A3         		Pegasus Quasar          MAT Aero Team
PH-2K5         		Pegasus Quasar 2-TC     MAT Aero Team 
PH-2U2         		Pegasus Quasar 2-TC     MAT Aero Team
PH-2U9         		Tecnam P-92 Echo
N234JH			H269B

The Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets E:
E153/F-TERH/1	E128/F-TERN/2	E120/F-TERG/3
E26/F-TERO/4	E165/F-TERE/5	E169/F-TERQ/6	
E151/F-TERJ/7	E41/F-TERA/8	E81/F-TERI/9
E138/F-TERM/0	E121/F-TERK/-

The Red Arrows with Hawks T1/T1A/T1W*:
XX227	XX233	XX237	XX253	XX260
XX264	XX292*	XX306	XX307	XX308

Inside tents:
J-226			F-16A		wfu, fuselage only
J-240			F-16A		312sq
A-10/PG690		DH82A		MLM 

North side/flightlines:
H21			A109HA		18BnHATk
AT23, AT24		Alpha Jet E	1w
8095			Bo105M		HFVAS400
3761			F-4F		JG74
2906			MiG-29G		JG73
4528			Tornado IDS	MFG2
9829			EF2000		DASA
E4/7-PG, E24/7-PH	Jaguar E	EC02.007
E40/7-PI		Jaguar E	EC02.007
506/5-OY		Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
9/5-OJ			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
08			J35Ö		FlRg2/1, spec c/s
GF16			Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/3, tiger c/s
T.19B-18/35-36		CN235EA02	Ala35
C.15-22/15-09		EF-18A+		Grupo 15
C.15-35/15-22		EF-18A+		Grupo 15
ZD375/23, ZG859/91	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZE292/AZ		Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZE889/H			Tornado F3	nb/56(R)sq
37400/50		JA37		F16/2
37411/11		JA37		F16/3, spec c/s
A-275			SE3160		300sq
B-40			Bo105CB4	299sq
B-43, B-44		Bo105CB		299sq
B-64, B-79		Bo105CB		299sq
J-138, J-365		F-16AM		315sq
L-04			PC-7		131EMVOsq
U-04			Fokker60UTA-N	334sq "Jules Zeegers" (Friday only)
D-EEGD			P149D		ex 9218
D-EERP			P149D		ex 9177
D-EIFE			FwP149D		ex 9108 GAF c/s
D-ERTY			DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 as RAF "WP835/N"
F-GJCR			Beech E90
G-BWTG			DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 as RNavy "WB671/910"
G-BWVX			Yak-52		Russian AF c/s
G-BWWX			Yak-50		Russian AF c/s
G-HVDM			Spitfire LF9	as RNethAF "MK732/3W-17"
G-ORJW			F8L Falco 4
HA-ANI			An-2		Russin AF c/s
N11T			P-51D		ex USAAF '474425/OC-G'
N320SQ			TB-25N		as RNethAF "232511/N5-149" "Sarinah, Plesiran Neer?"
N4109C			T-6G		USAAF c/s
N5369X			Beech D18S Expeditor 3NM as RNethAF "G-23"
OO-YUG			Z-526M		as YugoAF "106"
PH-ACG			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-36'
PH-AFS			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-14'
PH-DHC			U-6A		KLu Hist. Vlucht, as RNethAF "S-9"
PH-GAU			L-21B		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'R-181'
PH-GAZ			L-21B		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'R-109'
PH-GRB			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-20'
PH-HOG			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-39'
PH-HOI			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-32'
PH-HOL			S11-1		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'E-27'
PH-IIB			AT-16		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'B-118'
PH-KLU			AT-16		as RCAF "20249/XS-249"
PH-KNG			L-21B		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'R-126'
PH-KNR			L-21B		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'R-177'
PH-LSK			AT-16		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'B-64'
PH-MLM			AT-16		KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'B-71'
PH-NGK			Auster AOP3	KLu Hist. Vlucht, ex RNethAF 'R-18'
PH-RLA/A		Saab 91D
PH-TBR			AT-16		as RAF "FS668"

And the following light aircraft:
PH-ACM			Ce172P
PH-AVT			PA28-181
PH-BVT			PA28-181
PH-HVZ			R22-B2
PH-JBH			Reims F172M
PH-JGR			R22-B2 
PH-JGS			R22-B2
PH-KYK			Bellanca 8KCAB-180CS
PH-NCE			Erco 415-CD
PH-PBB			Stinson L-5B
PH-PYL			Lancair 360
PH-SRP			PA-28-151
PH-SRU			PA-28-161
PH-SVG			PA-28-161
PH-SVH			PA-28-161
PH-2Y9          	Aviasud AE-209 Albatros
PH-531          	Pilatus B-4/PC-11
G-PELG         		CAP-231
PH-682          	ASK-21
RA-01276?  		Su-29
PH-3E3          	Tecnam P-96 Golf

Airpower 2000 demo:
68983# +3#		AH-64A		301sq
25465$, 25474$		AH-64A		301sq
68970$, 69029$		AH-64A		301sq
B-40			Bo105CB-4	299sq
B-43, B-44, B-64, B-79	Bo105CB		299sq
D-664#, D-665$, D-666	CH-47D		298sq
G-273			C-130H-30	334sq "Ben Swagerman"
G-275			C-130H-30	334sq
J-202			F-16A		306sq (312sq mks)
J-248			F-16A		306sq (323sq mks), spec c/s
J-628			F-16A		306sq
J-642			F-16A		306sq
J-644			F-16A		306sq
J-873			F-16A		306sq (323sq mks)
J-203#			F-16AM		311sq (nb)
J-635			F-16AM		311sq (nb)
J-641$			F-16AM		311sq (306sq mks)
J-647			F-16AM		311sq (nb)
J-654			F-16BM		311sq (323sq mks)
J-884			F-16BM		311sq
J-138$			F-16AM		315sq mks
J-139			F-16A		312sq (nb)
J-250			F-16A		312sq (311sq mks)
J-257			F-16A		312sq (315sq mks), spec c/s
J-617			F-16A		312sq
J-623			F-16A		312sq (322sq mks)
J-869#			F-16A		312sq (323sq mks)
J-265			F-16B		312sq (313sq mks), spec c/s
J-651			F-16B		312sq (306sq mks)
Q-01, Q-09		AH-64D		302sq
S-450, S-457, S-458	AS532U2		300sq
T-235$			KDC-10-30CF	334sq "Jan Scheffer"
T-264#			KDC-10-30CF	334sq "Prins Bernhard"
# = Friday only
$ = Saturday only

Additional aircraft 2 Sept (Saturday):
XV217			Hercules C3	LTW
T-264			KDC-10-30CF	334sq "Prins Bernhard"
J-631			F-16AM		311sq
J-368			F-16BM		311sq (312sq mks)
D-EEWP			Ruschmeyer R-90-230RG
PH-DDZ			C-47A/DC-3A-456	DDA "Doornroosje"
PH-DDS			DC-4-1009	DDA
PH-SGC			Slingsby T67C-3
PH-840			G103 Twin Astir

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