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Volkel 2007

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Date: 15/16 June 2007

Made by: Scramble, Alan Kilham, David Rickwood, John Knight, Simon Patterson, John Varley, John Huntchins, Ian French, Jon Astley, Paul Witty, Nick Godfrey, Stefan Jongen, Hans van der Vlist, Alex Smit, Uli Seibicke


FA116			F-16AM		10w/nmks
MT35			CM170		11sm	spec mks
529/12-KJ		Mirage 2000B	EC02.012
6, 25			Sup Etendard	11F     
5, 10	                Rafale M	12F     
46+38	                Tornado ECR	JBG32   
84+73	                CH-53G		MTHR-15/nmks    
082	                F-16D		341Mira         
43	                JAS39D		MH 59. Sz.D.REB.
LX-N90458		E-3A		NAEW&CF
1509			An-26		13.eltr
3713			Su-22M-4	40.elt	spec mks
15103, 15112		F-16A		Esq201
C.15-60/12-18		EF-18A+		Ala 12
T.19B-11/35-29		CN235M-100	Ala 35
J-5015, J-5021		F/A-18C		nmks               
A-902, A-609, A-907	PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutesch. 
A-909, A-911, A-912	PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutesch. 
A-914, A-916, A-917	PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutesch. 
A-919			PC-7	        Pilotenrekrutesch. 
70-3013/13, 70-3016/16	NF-5A	        134Filo/Turk. Stars
70-3027/27, 70-3036/36	NF-5A	        134Filo/Turk. Stars
70-3039/39, 70-3042/42	NF-5A	        134Filo/Turk. Stars
71-3055/55		NF-5A	        134Filo/Turk. Stars
69-4005/05, 71-4019/19	NF-5B	        134Filo/Turk. Stars
ZG729/M			Tornado GR4A	13sq
XX478/CU-564		Jetstream T2	750sq
81-0952/SP		OA-10A		81st FS            
81-0988/SP		A-10A	        81st FS            
59-1469			KC-135R	        756st ARS AFRC     
158210/210		P-3C	        VP-45/nmks         
D-102			CH-47D	        298sq              
J-005	                F-16AM	        311sq              
L-02	                PC-7	        131EMVOsq          
Q-05	                AH-64D	        301sq              
S-442	                AS532U2	        300sq              
V-11	                G-IV	        334sq              
264	                SH-14D	        MARHELI            
D-EEGD	                P149D	        ex Germany 92+18   
D-EFTU	                FwP149D	        ex Germany 90+73   
D-EGIT	                P149D	        as "AS+411"        
ES-TLC, ES-YLF		L-39C	        Breitling Team     
ES-YLI, ES-YLP		L-39C	        Breitling Team     
ES-YLS, ES-YLX		L-39C	        Breitling Team     
ES-YLZ			L-39C	        Skyline Aviation   
F-GSHG			CM170	        nn                 
(F-ZWTH)		NH90	        travel exhibit	c/n PT1
G-AJHS			DH82A	        ex RAF N6866       
G-BWGL "N-321"		Hunter T8C	ex RAF XF357
HB-HZA			PC-21		Pilatus              
N116MA	                Lj36A	        Skyline Aviation
N320SQ	                TB-25N	        as "232511"     
N39165	                DC-2	        as "PH-AJU"     
N55904	                NA-64	        ex Canada 3349  
PH-AFS	                S11-1	        ex KLu E-14     
PH-DHC	                DHC-2 Mk1	ex KLu S-9   
PH-GAZ	                PA-18-135	ex KLu R-109 
PH-HOK	                S11-1		ex KLu E-29          
PH-IIB	                AT-16		ex KLu B-118         
PH-KHV	                Beech D18S	as KLu "G-29"
PH-LAB	                Ce550		NLR                  
PH-MLM	                AT-16		ex KLu B-71          
PH-NET	                Auster AOP5	ex RAF TJ347 
PH-OUQ	                Spitfire LFIXc	ex MK732     
PH-PBY	                PBY-5A		as MLD "16-218"      
PH-PPW	                PA-18-135	ex KLu R-122 
PH-SLO	                S11-1		ex KLu E-38          
The code of the Orions former unit, 'LA' of VP?5, was still vaguely visible.

Flightline static side:
A-247, A-292, A-301	SA316B		300sq
E135/1, E158/2, E75/3	Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France
E41/4, E117/5, E130/6	Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France
E165/7, E163/8, E162/9	Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France
E122/0			Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France

Exhibition area and tents static side:
(D-8256)		F-104G		i/a, cockpit only 
D-8312			F-104G	        std, 312sq mks    
J-016	                F-16AM	        312sq             
J-066	                F-16BM	        323sq	spec mks  
J-226	                F-16A	        i/a, fuselage only
(J-229)	                F-16A	        i/a as "80229"    
J-248	                F-16A	        i/a, fuselage only
The J-066 was carrying special RNLAF Flight Test markings.

Far side:
FA131			F-16AM		2w	spec mks
C.15-45/12-03		EF-18A+		Ala 12
ZA670			Chinook HC2	18/27sq
L-07, L-12		PC-7		131EMVOsq
R-03*			AB412SP		303sq
SE-DXI "'34071/29"	Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4073
SE-DXM			Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4082

Far end of airfield:
R90/61-ZH		C-160R		ET00.061

Air Power demonstration:
D-106, D-663		CH-47D		298sq          
J-008, J-511, J-641	F-16AM	        311sq	15 & 16
J-013, J-061, J-142	F-16AM	        312sq	15 & 16
J-018			F-16AM	        313sq	15     
J-019			F-16AM	        nmks	15 & 16
J-020, J-063		F-16AM	        313sq	16     
J-197			F-16AM	        311sq	15     
J-270			F-16BM	        313sq	15 & 16
J-368			F-16BM	        nmks	15 & 16
J-640, J-646		F-16AM	        312sq	15 & 16
J-653, J-884		F-16BM	        312sq	15 & 16
Q-08, Q-29		AH-64D	        301sq          
S-445, S-459		AS532U2	        300sq          
The J-640 carried anniversary markings of the 312sq, while the J-653 was marked 
"RNLAF Flight Test". On Friday the 15th the first two aircraft to take-off for the 
Air Power demonstration were the J-018 and J-142. The J-018 suffered a birdstrike 
just after take-off, which caused an engine stall. The 312sq pilot, callsign Kliko, 
released the external fuel tanks near the airbase and then managed to land the 
aircraft on the runway of Volkel. Due to this incident, the Air Power demonstration 
was cancelled this day and all F-16s that were ready for take-off returned to their 

Flying only:
G-273			C-130H-30	334sq
T-235			KDC-10		334sq

Other civil aircraft:
G-OFFO, G-ZEXL		Extra 300	The Blades
G-ZXCL, G-ZXEL		Extra 300	The Blades
JY-RFA, JY-RFB		Extra 300	Royal Jord. Falcons
JY-RFC, JY-RFD		Extra 300	Royal Jord. Falcons
RA-3085K, RA-1771K	Yak-52		private
RA-3446K		Yak-50		private
TC-ABS			S2S		private
The annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) were located at Volkel 
this year, home of the majority of the Dutch F-16s. Even though the number of aircraft 
that air forces are able to send to air shows has been heavily reduced over the past 
years, the KLu managed to arrange a number of interesting visitors. The most interesting 
for most of the people was probably the Polish Fitter, which evoked memories of the past 
when these military jets were present in Europe in large numbers due to the cold war. 
Other beautiful oldies were the three Hunters that took to the sky and the French Super 
Etendards on the static display. The state-of-the-art of airpower was present with the 
French Rafales, as well as the Hungarian Gripen. Other interesting visitors included the 
US Navy Orion and the Turkish NF-5s (ex Royal Netherlands Air Force!) of the Turkish 
Stars demonstration team that visited the Netherlands for the first time.
The organisation had a creative solution for the reducing number of aircraft at airshows: 
using the static line also to park most of the aircraft for the flying program. This gave 
the crowd the opportunity to watch the ground action prior to and after the flying displays. 
Talking about the organisation: they had quite a bit of non-standard situations this year. 
The birdstrike of the J-018 was already mentioned above, but they also had to cope with one of 
the Breitling L-39s getting off the taxi-track, the Belgian F-16 that had to cut-off the 
demonstration due to technical engine matters, the Patrouille de France that also had to 
cut-off their demonstration on Saturday due to a suddenly approaching rainstorm and last-but-
not-least a B-52 that was in the neighbourhood (Geilenkirchen open day). When the B-52 entered 
Dutch airspace heading for Geilenkirchen, Dutchmil asked the crew if they would be able to 
do a flyby over Volkel. The crew was positive, but unfortunately the timing was quite bad and 
it was impossible to get a suitable display slot. So the BUFF headed straight to Geilenkirchen 
and was only visible from Volkel at a very large distance.
The flying display itself was also affected by military budget cuts: even the reliable RAF is 
not demonstrating frequently anymore! This resulted in only two types of fast jets in the 
display: Spanish and Swiss F/A-18 Hornets and Belgian and Dutch F-16s. Still, the open days 
were a fun event again and we are already looking forward to next years show at Leeuwarden!

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