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Ypenburg 1963

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Date: 18 April 1963

Made by:


B-169              Harvard Mk.2B         
E-12               S-11-1             
L-13               S-14                 
M-14               T-33A              
P-213              F-84F              
Q-257              F-86K              
R-130              L-21B                     
120/V              Sea Hawk FGA.Mk.50     
153/V              S-2A                 

C-1                F-27-100   
C-10               F-27-300M
H-3                SE-3130   
L-17               S-14     
M-2                T-33A                  Whisky Four
M-6                T-33A                  Whisky Four
M-8                T-33A                  Whisky Four
M-34               T-33A                  Whisky Four      
R-103              L-21B                  
R-110              L-21B                  
R-115              L-21B                  orange nose
R-117              L-21B
R-140              L-21B
R-157              L-21B
R-158              L-21B
R-162              L-21B
R-169              L-21B
R-176              L-21B
R-183              L-21B
R-184              L-21B
112/V              Sea Hawk FGA.Mk.50
114/V              Sea Hawk FGA.Mk.50
117/V              Sea Hawk FGA.Mk.50
118/V              Sea Hawk FGA.Mk.50
147/D              S-2A
148/V              S-2A
151/V              S-2A
155/D              S-2A
160/D              S-2A
161/D              S-2A
172/V              S-2A        
PH-PBA             C-47A                  Rijksluchtvaartdienst

O-26               OH-23B 
136/D              SH-34J                 8 Sqn
203/V              P2V-7B 
223/V              (I)UH-1

Avio Diepen:
C-11               F-27-300M
P-144              F-84F    
EI-AKG             F-27-100               Aer Lingus

Unknown location:
B-14               Harvard Mk.2B          wfu
C-3                F-27-100
C-4                F-27-300M
C-5                F-27-300M
C-7                F-27-300M
C-8                F-27-300M
C-9                F-27-300M
I-303              Meteor T.Mk.7          burned wreck 
L-2                S-14
N-207              Hunter F.Mk.6          wreck
N-218              Hunter F.Mk.6
N-248              Hunter F.Mk.6          wreck
N-268              Hunter F.Mk.6                  
N-281              Hunter F.Mk.6          wfu
N-303              Hunter T.Mk.7
O-3                OH-23B
O-7                OH-23B
O-12               OH-23B
O-22               OH-23B
O-25               OH-23B
O-27               OH-23B
O-28               OH-23B
O-34               OH-23B
R-102              L-21B    
R-122              L-21B    
R-123              L-21B                  orange nose
S-2                U-6A
S-5                U-6A
S-9                U-6A
AA-189             CM-170R-1		  WGAF
AA-291             CM-170R-1   		  WGAF
PH-207             Gö-4-3
PH-308             Sagitta 013

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