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Auckland 2004

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Date: 25 January 2004

Made by:


NZ1986		CT/4E		CFS/PTS
ZK-CKH		DHC-2 Mk.I	as RNZAF "NZ6001"
ZK-END		Harvard III	ex RNZAF NZ1096
ZK-ENF		Harvard III	ex RNZAF NZ1065
ZK-FGA		CM170		ex France 216
ZK-KTT		DH104		ex RNZAF NZ1808
ZK-ZAY		Yak-52		USSR mks

NZ1987, NZ1992	CT/4E		CFS/PTS
NZ1993, NZ1994	CT/4E		CFS/PTS
NZ1995		CT/4E		CFS/PTS
NZ3805		UH-1H		3sq
NZ7004		C-130H		40sq
ZK-BEM		ST-M S2		as RNethAF S-53
ZK-CAG		P-40N		ex A29-1050/448
ZK-ENG		Harvard III	ex RNZAF NZ1078
ZK-ENJ		Harvard III	ex RNZAF NZ1098
ZK-FRU		CJ-6A		ex China 2132048
ZK-JGS		T-28C		ex USN 140563
ZK-JIL*		HunterFGA74A	ex Singapore 517
ZK-JJA		Harvard IIA	ex RNZAF NZ1053
ZK-JTL*		A-37A		ex Vietnam 854
ZK-MJN		Harvard IIA	ex RNZAF NZ1052
ZK-RVM*		Vampire T11	ex RNZAF NZ5712
ZK-RYN		PT-22		as USAAF 853
ZK-TAF		P-51D		ex RNZAF NZ2415
ZK-TAZ		Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WP974
ZK-TVI		Harvard IIA	ex RNZAF NZ1057
ZK-WAR		Harvard III	ex RNZAF NZ1092
* = were programmed to give a flying demonstration

Flying only:
NZ7571		B757-2K2	40sq
NZ4206		P-3K		5sq

Scenic flights:
ZK-DAK		C-47		RAF mks

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