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Ohakea 2012

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Ohakea (New Zealand)

75 Years RNZAF Air Show

31 March 2012

A21-49 F/A-18A 77 Sq special markings
A30-004 B737-7ES 2 Sq  
A41-206 C-17A 36 Sq  
A97-442 C-130J-30 37 Sq  
107/52-IH CN235-200M ETOM 00.052  
NZ1885 Beech B200 42 Sq  
NZ1992 CT/4E CFS/PTS  
NZ3302 NH90 3 Sq  
NZ3404 A109E LUH 3 Sq  
NZ3603 SH-2G 6 Sq  
NZ3705, NZ3713 Bell 47G 3 Sq  
NZ3807 UH-1H 3 Sq  
NZ4201 P-3K 5 Sq  
NZ6257 TA-4K preserved  
734 KC-130H 122 Sqn  
05-5147/HH C-17A 535th AS  
167982/QD-982 KC-130J VMGR-152  
ZK-RME P-40E ex NZ3009  
ZK-SPI Spitfire LF.IXe ex RAF PV270  
ZK-WDQ Spitfire IX ex RAF MH367  
ZK-COR FG-1D ex USN 92844  
ZK-TAF P-51D ex NZ2415  
ZK-LDG Light T6/24-150 ex NZ1761  
NZ662 DH82A RNZAF Historical Flight  
NZ1015 Harvard IIA RNZAF Historical Flight  
NZ1882, NZ1883 Beech B200 42 Sq  
NZ1985, NZ1986, NZ1987 CT/4E CFS/PTS  
NZ1988, NZ1989, NZ1991 CT/4E CFS/PTS  
NZ1993, NZ1995, NZ1996 CT/4E CFS/PTS  
NZ1994 CT/4E CFS/PTS 75 years marks  
NZ3301 NH90 3 Sq  
NZ3401 A109E LUH 3 Sq  
NZ3706 Bell 47 3 Sq  
NZ3801, NZ3802, NZ3803 UH-1H 3 Sq  
NZ3804, NZ3805, NZ3808 UH-1H 3 Sq  
NZ3809, NZ3814 UH-1H 3 Sq  
NZ7571 B757-2K2 40 Sq special markings
A21-7, A21-16 F/A-18A 77 Sq  
A21-20, A21-46 F/A-18A 77 Sq  
A21-30 F/A-18A 75 Sq  
VH-TBM TBM-3E as 309  
ZK-HMU AB206A ex Austria 3C-JA  
ZK-ICJ Bell 47    
ZK-CKH DHC2 ex NZ6001  
ZK-ABZ DHC2 Fieldair Ltd  
ZK-AMY C-47A Southern DC-3  
ZK-DAK C-47D ex NZ3546  
ZK-TCS, ZK-WLM L-39C    
ZK-BMY DH82A ex NZ1421  
ZK-JQS/20 CJ-6A    
ZK-FRU CJ-6A   2132048
ZK-CAG P-40N ex A29-448  
ZK-MJN Harvard IIA ex NZ1052  
ZK-JJA Harvard IIA ex NZ1053  
ZK-TVI Harvard IIA ex NZ1057  
ZK-ENF Harvard III ex NZ1065  
ZK-ENB Harvard III ex NZ1078  
ZK-ENJ Harvard III ex NZ1098  
ZK-JIL Hunter FR74A ex 517  
ZK-STR Strikemaster Mk88 ex NZ6370  
ZK-RVM Vampire T55 ex NZ5712  
ZK-CLD Airtourer 115 ex NZ1941/69  
ZK-ZAH, ZK-YXO, ZK-YNZ Yak-52    
ZK-ZAY/67, ZK-YKA/96 Yak 52    
ZK-PTE, ZK-YAK, ZK-YAQ Yak 52    
Flying only:
NZ4202 P-3K 5 Sqn  
CFS Hangar:
NZ1009 Harvard IIA stored  
NZ1083 Harvard III stored  
NZ6471 MB339CB stored  
NZ1819 Devon C1 stored  
42 Sqn Hangar:
NZ1881, NZ1884 Beech B200 42 Sq  
NZ6463, NZ6469, NZ6472 MB339CB stored  
NZ6474, NZ6476, NZ6477 MB339CB stored  
NZ1822 DH104 instructional airframe  
WB568/RUC Chipmunk T10 stored?  
MB339 Hangar (open for public):
NZ6460, NZ6473 NZ6460, NZ6473 stored  
3 Sq (UH-1H) Hangar (open for public):
NZ3702 Bell 47 3 Sq  
NZ3812 UH-1H std  
NZ3815, NZ3816 UH-1H 3 Sq  
3 Sq (A109) Hangar (open for public):
NZ3402, NZ3405 A109E LUH 3 Sq  
3 Sq (NH90) Hangar:
NZ3403 A109E LUH 3 Sq  
NZ3406 A109E LUH instructional airframe  
NZ6462, NZ6464 MB339CB stored  
NZ6470, NZ6475 MB339CB stored  
NZ5772 Vampire FB5 preserved at gate  

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