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Wheuapai 1987

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Date: 11 April 1987

Made by:


NZ6211 		A-4G 			2Sqdn                
NZ3702          Bell 47G 		3Sqdn
NZ3712          Bell 47G 		3Sqdn
NZ7005          C-130H 			40Sqdn             
NZ9742          Cessna 421C 		42Sqdn        
NZ1938          CT4T 			CFS                  
NZ2783          Fk27-100 		NAETS            
NZ3809          UH-1H 			3Sqdn               
NZ4204          P-3B 			5Sqdn                
NZ6371          Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn  
NZ5711          Vampire FB5 		"INST206"     
NZ3901          Wasp HAS1 		3Sqdn           
A97-159 	C-130E 			37Sqdn
A4-275 		DHC-4 			38Sqdn           
A21-11          F-18A 			3Sqdn
A21-15          F-18A 			3Sqdn
A8-143          F-111C 			6Sqdn           
A3-33 		Mirage IIIOA 		77Sqdn
A9-662 		P-3C 			11Sqdn
ZD951 		Tristar K1 		216Sqdn
ZA147/F		VC10 K3 		101Sqdn
Hangar 1:
NZ6216 		A-4G 			2Sqdn
NZ7622 		Andover C1 		1Sqdn
Hangar 2:
NZ6217 		A-4G 			Sqdn
NZ4050 		Catalina 		(under restoration)
NZ6372 		Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn
NZ6201 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6202 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6203 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6204 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6026 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6208 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6209 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6210 		A-4K 			75Sqdn
NZ6214 		A-4G 			2Sqdn        
NZ6256          TA-4G 			75Sqdn      
NZ3705          Bell 47GB 		3Sqdn   
NZ9741          Cessna 421C 		42Sqdn
NZ1933 		CT4T 			CFS/Red Checkers
NZ1941 		CT4T 			CFS/Red Checkers
NZ1943 		CT4T 			CFS/Red Checkers
NZ1945 		CT4T 			CFS/Red Checkers
NZ1947 		CT4T 			CFS/Red Checkers
NZ3802 		UH-1D 			3Sqdn
NZ3803 		UH-1D 			3Sqdn
NZ3811 		UH-1H 			3Sqdn
NZ3812 		UH-1H 			3Sqdn
NZ3814 		UH-1H 			3Sqdn
NZ4201 		P-3B 			5Sqdn
NZ4203 		P-3B 			5Sqdn
NZ4206 		P-3B 			5Sqdn
NZ6361 		Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn
NZ6364 		Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn
NZ6368 		Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn
NZ6376 		Strikemaster Mk88 	14Sqdn
NZ3902 		Wasp HAS1 		3Sqdn
A21-8 		F-18A 			3Sqdn
A21-10		F-18A 			3Sqdn
A21-12		F-18A 			3Sqdn
A21-14		F-18A 			3Sqdn
A8-126 		F-111C 			6Sqdn
A3-11 		Mirage IIIOA 		77Sqdn
A3-22 		Mirage IIIOA 		77Sqdn
NZ7621 		Andover C1 		1Sqdn
NZ7623 		Andover C1 		1Sqdn
NZ7624 		Andover C1 		1Sqdn
NZ7271          B727 			40Sqdn
NZ7272          B727 			40Sqdn
NZ7001          C-130H 			40Sqdn
NZ7002          C-130H 			40Sqdn
NZ7003          C-130H 			40Sqdn
NZ7004          C-130H 			40Sqdn
NZ2782 		Fk27-100 		NAETS
A97-171 	C-130E 			37Sqdn
A4-284 		DHC-4 			38Sqdn
Pseudo-military present:
NZ1702 		Auster
NZ2415 		Beaver
NZ841 		DH82A
NZ1015 		Harvard
NZ1066 		Harvard
NZ1078 		Harvard
NZ1092 		Harvard
NZ1098 		Harvard
NZ597 		Moth Minor
NZ1702 		P-41
WE424 		Venom

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