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Bodö 1990

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Date: 30 June 1990

Made by: Scramble


133542                CT-133                1 CAD 
188928                CF-188B               409 Sqn 
505/2-FB              Mirage 2000B          EC2/2 
HW-347                Hawk T51              Ilsk 
PC-2                  Pa31                  Kulj Llv 
LX-N90443             E-3A                  NAEWF 
3528                  RF-4E                 AG51 
3771                  F-4F                  JG71 
4069                  Alpha Jet             JBG43 
4421                  Tornado               JBG31 
4512                  Tornado               MFG2 
WH902/EK              Canberra T17          360 Sqn 
80-0192/WR            A-10A                 92nd TFS 
053                   Da20                  335 Skv 
671                   F-16A                 334 Skv 
689                   F-16B                 338 Skv 
906                   F-5B                  336 Skv 
845                   MFI15                 Flygskolan 
073                   Sea King Mk43         330 Skv 
637                   TF-104G               334 Skv 
184                   DHC-6                 719 Skv 

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