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Bodø 2012

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Bodø Airshow
Date: 16-17 June 2012
1133/BC-33 blue Saab J105Ö   Düsentrainerstaffel  
1126/RF-26 red Saab J105Ö   Düsentrainerstaffel  
806, 815, 817, 839 MFI15 LFS  
PI-01 PC-12/47E HävLLv 21  
1 C-17A HAW  
167 Bell.412SP 339 skv  
5607 C-130J-30 339 skv  
125 Falcon 20C-5 717 skv  
674 F-16AM FLO  
800 CF-104 pres  
597 UH-1B pres  
228 Lynx Mk86 337 skv  
49 NH90-NFH 334 skv  
322 Sea King Mk43B 330 skv  
39248 JAS39C nn  
WD955/EM Canberra T17 pres  
XX307/307 Hawk T1 nn  
ZK302/EA Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
84-0081 C-21A 76th AS  
62-3565/D KC-135R 351st ARS  
G-PBYA PBY-5A “433915”  
LN-DHZ Vampire T55 ex Swiss U-1230  
LN-LTK Beech B200 Lufttransport  
LN-OLV AB139 Lufttransport  
LN-OQF S-92A Lufttransport  
LN-WDH DHC-8-402 Wideroe  
LN-WND C-53D Dakota Norway (ex 42-68823)  
LN-WSC DHC-8-202 Wideroe  
M-USTG Ce510 TD Aviation  
N996DM DC-6B Red Bull  
NX869SA CT-133 “133599”  
SE-DXG Sk60E MT ex Sweden 60140/140”  
SE-DXM Hunter F58 ex Swiss J-4082  
SE-DXN AJS37 ex Sweden 37098/52  
SE-DXS Vampire FB6 ex Swiss J-1196  
146 Bell 412SP 339 skv  
637 CF-104D private  
660, 661, 667 F-16AM FLO  
670, 682, 686 F-16AM FLO  
FA83 F-16AM nb  
HN-449 F-18C nb  
39232 JAS39C nmk  
J-5008, J-5014 F/A-18C nb  
XX204/204, XX278 Hawk T1 nn  
The CF-104D did some taxiing and let the audience enjoy its famous howl of the J-79.
329 Sea King Mk43B 330 Skv  
LN-WSB DHC-8-202 Wideroe  
Gate Guard:
25+64 F-104G pres as “12626/FN-B”  
Seen Friday:
FA91 F-16AM nb  
51+06, 51+09 C-160D LTG63  
677, 683 F-16AM FLO (QRA)
HN-450 F-18C HävLLv 21  
60039/39 Sk60B FlygS  
60084/84 Sk60A FlygS  
Not Visible on Saturday:
ZK304/EN Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
60037/37 Sk60B FlygS  
Civil traffic (Saturday):
LN-DYE, LN-DYT B737-800 Norwegian  
LN-RPF, LN-RPH B737-600 SAS  
LN-LTL Beech B200 Lufttransport  
LN-WDJ DHC-8-402 Widerøe  
DHC-8-100s of Widerøe:
All in all I was not too impressed with the show. Surely the Norwegian helicopters were a very welcome catch, but the show was small. Even smaller than we had expected. And why only one Norwegian F-16 on the static, why hide the second Typhoon, where was the announced demo of all Norwegian types in the air? It could have been much better, but I guess the inexperience showed. Good thing was the very close distance to the city. First time ever I walked from my hotel to an airshow! (by sender)


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