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Gardermoen 1994

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Date: 12 June 1994

Made by: Scramble, Jo Bakken

Updated: 8 February 2003

FB09                  F-16B        OCUsq
188739                CF-188A      CF/nn
E-008                 F-16A        Esk726
T-421                 MFI17        FLSK
1621                  HFB320ECM    JBG32  s/c
3770                  F-4F         JG74
4365                  Tornado      AG51
MM54258/4-40          TF-104G      20øGr
LX-N90443             E-3A         NAEWF
B-75                  Bo105CB      299sq
J-253                 F-16A        313sq  s/c
148                   AB412SP      339Skv
955                   C-130H       335Skv
132                   F-5A         336Skv
232                   Lynx Mk86    337Skv
4576                  P-3N         333Skv
062                   SeaKing Mk43 330Skv
C.15-32/15-19         EF-18A       Ala15
WJ607/EB              Canberra T17 360sq
XX177/CP              Hawk T1      100sq
XX496/D               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
ZD810/AA              Tornado GR1  9sq
71-0882               C-9A         75th AS
92-3292               C-17A        437th AW
84-0112               C-21A        76th ALS
91-0314/LN            F-15E        494th FS
35553/53              J35J         F10
37432/32              JA37         F16
LN-ACE                L-18C        as 834 (ex KNL)
LN-BII                Saab 91      as 0074 (ex KNL)
93797/BW-L            C-47A
111209/MU-5           F-84G
51-17053/AZ-G         RF-84F
41274/RI-T            F-86K
469                   TF-104G
5J-CN                 He111
966                   UH-1B
53-4845/AI-F          L-18C
TW117/KK-T            Mosquito T3
20                    Northrop N3PB
2491/AV-R             Norseman IV
4953                  O-1A
PL979/ZB-A            Spitfire PR.XI
8570/BS-M             T-6J
117546/DP-K           T-33A
P42408/PX-E           Vampire F3
D-HHEH		      Bell 230	    "Scancopter", c/n 23005
LN-OBS		      Bell 206L3    Braathens, c/n 51235 "Helilift"
LN-OMK		      BV 234LR	    Helikopter service, c/n B861/MJ017
1x		      PKX-1 	    Museum

Hangar static side:
954                   C-130H       335Skv
659                   F-16A        334Skv s/c
041                   Falcon 10ECM 335Skv
843                   MFI17        LFS

141                   DH82
25                    Farman F46
340                   Fokker CVD
N5641/HE-G            Gladiator    RAF c/s
103                   PT.19
LN-LFK                Saab 91      as 7341/AV-U

Flightline 1:
144610                CC-144       nn
3748                  F-4F         JG74
057                   DHC6-100     719Skv
184                   DHC6-200     719Skv
T.19B-19/35-37        CN235M       Ala35  grey c/s
T.18-1/45-40          Falcon 900   45Gr
XX164/CN              Hawk T1      100sq
XX178/M               Hawk T1      92(R)sq
XX239                 Hawk T1      19(R)sq
ZF488                 Tucano T1    nn
LN-SAO                Saab 91   as 7344/AY-U (exKNL)
LN-TEX                T-6          USAF c/s
LN-BOZ                T-6          as FS907

Flightline 2:
AT03, AT08            Alpha Jet    9Wing
164, 167              AB412SP      720Skv
0125                  Falcon 20C   335Skv
237                   Lynx Mk86    337Skv
066                   SeaKing Mk43 330Skv
?                     PBY-5A       as FP535
?                     SpitfirePR11 as PL965/R
G-SABR                F-86A        as 8178/FU-178
LN-KNT                L-4J         as 44-80551/4S-S
LN-WND                DC-3
LN-...                Vampire      as LN-17/ZK-P
N167F                 P-51D        as 473877
N33VC                 T-33A        as 54-21261
SE-DXY                Vampire      as L-A

Flightline 3:
188748                CF-188A      425sq
188780                CF-188A      410sq
ET-198                F-16B        Esk726
RG-10                 L-90TP       KuljLv
4468, 4496            Tornado      JBG32
MM54251/4-34          TF-104G      20øGr
A-350, A-390, A-398   Alouette 3   Grasshoppers
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3   Grasshoppers
J-240                 F-16A        322sq mks
053                   Falcon 20ECM 335Skv
134                   F-5A         336Skv
281, 282              F-16A        332Skv
307                   F-16B        nb
812, 0839             MFI17        LFS    s/c
15522, 15537          A-7P         Esq304
C.15-70/12-28         EF-18A       Ala12
ZD403/G, ZD466/I      Harrier GR7  20(R)sq
ZE785/AT, ZE789/AU    Tornado F3   56(R)sq
91-0605/LN            F-15E        494th FS
37427/27              JA37         F16

Far side:
F202/64-GB            C-160NG      ET64
MM62137/46-95         G222TCM      BA46
953, 956              C-130H       335Skv
J-4020,J-4021,J-4022  Hunter F58   Patrouille Suisse
J-4025,J-4029,J-4030  Hunter F58   Patrouille Suisse
LN-ACL                L-18C        as 848 (ex KNL)
RA-78854              IL-76MD      Aeroflot
SE-CGM                Norseman IV  as AF-R

And also the Patrouille de France with ten Alpha Jets
coded 0 - 9 and the Frecce Tricolori with eleven MB339As
coded 0 - 10 and the Russion Knights with two Su-27UBs
(coded 18 and 19) and two Su-27 (coded 04 and 10).

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