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Rygge 2009

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Date: 22-23 August 2009

Made by: Scramble


Static / flightlines:
M-514 			EH101 Mk512 		Esk 722            
613/133-MO 	        Mirage 2000D 		EC03.003          
46+31 		        Tornado ECR 		JBG32              
LX-N90454 	        E-3A 			NAEWF                     
147 		        Bell 412SP 		720 skv             
5607 		        C-130J 			335 skv                 
134 		        F-5A 			std hangar, tiger c/s     
683 		        F-16AM 			FLO                     
692 		        F-16BM 			FLO spec c/s            
053 		        Falcon 20ECM F		EKS/717 skv      
3299 		        P-3C 			333 skv                   
322 		        S.King Mk43B 		330 skv, det.Rygge
815 		        T-17 			LFS                       
817 		        T-17 			LFS hangar                
ZA557/048 	        Tornado GR4 		(13sq)             
ZD707/077 	        Tornado GR4 		13sq               
ZJ815/AY 	        Typhoon T3 		(3sq) 17(R)sq mks   
ZJ926/QO-Y 	        Typhoon FGR4 		3sq               
ZJ935/DJ 	        Typhoon FGR4 		XI(F)sq           
ZJ941/DG 	        Typhoon FGR4 		(3sq) XI(F)sq mks 
84-0110 		C-21A 			76th AS
58-0016/D 		KC-135R 		100th ARS
91-0312/LN, 91-0329/LN 	F-15E 			492nd FS
LN-ACL ’53-4848/AN-F’ 	L-18C 			ex Norway 848
LN-ADA ‘121 r’ 		L-29 			ex Russia 121 r
LN-BDM 			DH82A 			ex RAF DE248
LN-BIF ‘163’ 		PT-26 			ex Norway 163
LN-BII ‘0074’ 		Sk-50 			ex Sweden 50074
LN-DHZ "PX-M" 		Vampire T55 		ex Swiss U-1230
LN-INA "E.3B-529/781-3" CASA C1131E 		ex Spain E.3B-540
LN-KAP 			CAP10B 			ex France 130
LN-KFT ‘189’ 		DH82A 			ex Norway 189
LN-OAC 			AS350B2                 
LN-OCP                  EC135 			Politi            
LN-OWR                  EC120B 			Nor Aviation 1172
LN-RAP ‘480287/E-43’ 	L-4J 			ex USAF 44-80287
LN-SAO ‘7344/AY-U’ 	Saab 91B-2 		ex Norway 344
LN-SOV 			Ce680 			Sundt Air
LN-TEX "44268/TA-268" 	T-6G 			ex Zuid-Afrika 1796
LN-WND 			C-53D 			ex Finland DO-9
LN-WNO ‘568’ 		O-1E 			ex France 24568
LN-WNH "FS907/AJ" 	AT-6D 			ex Portugal 1506
G-BTZB "10 y" 		Yak-50 			ex Russia 77    
G-CBPM 			Yak-50                  ex Russia 58    
G-FUNK                  Yak-50                  ex Russia 46    
G-GYAK                  Yak-50                  ex Russia 43    
G-IVAR                  Yak-50                  ex Russia       
G-JYAK                  Yak-50                  ex Russia 49    
G-PBYA ‘433915’ 	PBY-5A                  ex USAF 44-33915
N55XZ "35" 		Yak-55M 		ex Russia 36 bl
N167B ‘434602 		A-26B 			ex USAF 44-34602
N996DM 			DC-6B 			ex Zambia GBM-110
SE-BIN "GZ-J" 		Spit. FR.XVIIIe 	ex RAF SM845
SE-DHP 			Lj35A 			Saab Nyge Aero
SE-DXB "R y" 		J-29F 			ex Sweden 29670

Patrouille de Suisse F-5s :
J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3088, J-3090, J-3091

Northeast side shelter area / flying:
FA134 			F-16AM 			spec c/s
149 			Bell 412SP 		720 skv
062 			S.King Mk43B 		330 skv
295 			F-16AM 			FLO
305 			F-16BM 			FLO
SE-DXM ‘J-4082’ 	Hunter F58 		ex Swiss J-4082

895 			F-5A 			pr. on pole, nw.side
961/UN 			UH-1B 			pr. on pole, 720 skv
025 			UH-1B 			firedump
LN-WIS 			DHC-8 			firedump

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