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Stavanger-Sola 2007

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Date: 2 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


37+16 			F-4F 		WTD61
45+92 			Tornado IDS	JBG31
39265/265 		JAS39C 		F21
XS731/J 		Dominie T1 	55(R)sq
XX286, XX287 		Hawk T1A 	19(R)sq
XV248/48 		Nimrod MR2 	Kinloss MRW
ZE161/GB 		Tornado F3 	43sq
ZJ917/QO-G, ZJ922/QO-C 	Typhoon F2 	3sq
63-8033 		KC-135R 	351st ARS
953 			C-130H 		335 skv *
673 			F-16AM 		FLO *
134 			F-5A 		EoT *
136 			F-5B 		EoT
232 			Lynx Mk.86 	337 skv
4576 			P-3N 		333 skv
329 			S King Mk43B 	330 skv
322 			S King Mk43B 	330 skv

225/D 			F-5A 		std

Flying from shelter area:
39135/135, 39194/194 	JAS39A 		F21
131, 902 		F-5A 		EoT
281 			F-16AM 		FLO

Civil side/flying:
R213/64-GM 		C-160R 		ET00.064
J-3081, J-3082, J-3085 	F-5E 		Patrouille Suisse
J-3086, J-3088, J-3090 	F-5E 		Patrouille Suisse
J-3091 			F-5E 		Patrouille Suisse

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