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Poznan-Lawica 1991

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Date: 25 August 1991

Made by: Martin Herbert, Jason Ganner

Updated: 2 January 2011

4605		Su22M4 Fitter-F		7PLRB		PolAF        
105	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A		1PLM	        PolAF
146	        MiG23MF Flogger-B  	28PLM	        PolAF
5404	        MïG21PF Fishbed-D  	62PLM	        PolAF
1402	        TS11 Iskra		--	        PolAF
734	        Mi24W Hind-E	        56PSB	        PolAF
605	        Mi17 Hip-H	        37PST	        PolAF
4154	        Bell 206	        Policja	        PolAF
0317	        PZL W-3U Sokol	        --	        Po1N 
0411	        PZL W-3W Sokol	        --	        Po1N 
66/96310424033/r Su27UB Flanker-B	159GI	        SovAF
84-003/BT	F15C			36TFW	        USAFE
86-349/SP	F16C	                48OTFS	        USAFE
37794		C130E			314TAW		USAFE      
ZG712/F	        Tornado GR1A		13sq	        RAF  
9/2-LO	        Mirage 2000C		EC3/2	        FAF  
F207/64-GG	C160F			ET64		FAF

4/2-LI		Mirage 2000C		--		FAF
8/2-EC		Mirage 2000C		--		FAF
13/2-EI		Mirage 2000C		--		FAF  
511/2-FH	Mirage 2000C		--		FAF
727	        Mi24W Hind-E	        56PSB	        PolAF
736	        Mi24W Hind-E	        56PSB	        PolAF
737	        Mi24W Hind-E	        56PSB	        PolAF
738	        Mi24W Hind-E	        56PSB	        PolAF
741 (spec c/s)	Mi24W Hind-E		56PSB	        PolAF
730/1		TS11			60LPSZ		PolAF
608/3	        TS11	                60LPSZ	        PolAF
705/4	        TS11	                60LPSZ	        PolAF
616/5	        TS11	                60LPSZ	        PolAF
728/6	        TS11	                60LPSZ	        PolAF
210/7	        TS11	                60LPSZ	        PolAF
709/8	        TS11	                60LPSZ 	        PolAF
012	        MiG23MF Flogger-B       28PLM	        PolAF
457	        MiG23MF Flogger-B	28PLM	        PolAF
458	        MiG23MF Flogger-B	28PLM	        PolAF
460	        MiG23MF Flogger-B	28PLM	        PolAF
3203	        Su22M4 Fitter-F	        7PLBR	        PolAF
3305	        Su22M4 Fitter-F	        7PLHR	        PolAF
3710	        Su22M4 Fitter-F	        7PLBR	        PolAF
3811	        Su22M4 Fitter-F	        7PLBR	        PolAF
6264	        Su20R Fitter-C	        7PLBR	        PolAF
66	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A	        1PLM	        PolAF
70	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A	        1PLM	        PolAF
111	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A	        1PLM	        PolAF
80-022/HT	F15C			22TFS		USAFE
87-281/SP	F16C	                480TFS		USAFE
ZG707/B		Tornado GR1		13sq		RAF
51/36911027310/r Su27 Flanker-A		159GI		SovAF

Hangar (closed):
0602    	Mil2					PolAF
3604    	Mil2					PolAF
4405    	Mil2					PolAF
3228    	Mil2					PolAF
8223    	Mil2					PolAF
0623    	Mil2					PolAF
4711    	Mil2					PolAF
6001    	Mil2					PolAF
1611   		TS-11    				PolAF
1229 +3		TS-11    				PolAF

Elsewhere: (* also show)
14/2-EO		Mirage 2000C		EC1/2		FAF  *
4514	        Mi2			56PULK	        PolAF 
0629	        Mi2	                56PULK	        PolAF 
0614	        Mi2	                56PULK	        PolAF 
2212	        Mi2	                56PULK	        PolAF 
4713	        Mi2	                56PULK 	        PolAF 
620	        Mi8S Hip-B              JLMSW	        PolAF 
631	        Mi8S Hip-B              JLMSW	        PolAF 
632	        Mi8S Hip-H              JLMSW	        PolAF 
602	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
608	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
616	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
621	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
624	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
633	        Mi85 Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
641	        Mi8T Hip-B              --	        PolAF 
26/yellow	Mi8T Hip-H              c/n 9733506     SovAF 
4153	 	Bell 206		Policja		PolAF
0209		PZL W-3			--		Po1N         
0304	        PZL W-3			--	        Po1N *       
1463	        An2 Colt	        --		PolAF
0404	        An28 Cash	        --	        PolN 
039	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
040	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
041	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
042	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
043	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
046	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
049	        Yak40 Codling	        36PLT	        PolAF
'1988'/801	MiG15 Fagot	        Gate G.	        PoIAF
1920		MiG15 Fagot		Pres.		PolAF  
114	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A	        1PLM	        PolAF  
115	        MiG29 Fulcrum-A	        1PLM	        PolAF *

HB-IAF     	Falcon 900
SP-AHO    	PZL-104
SP-ATM    	Z.142
SP-DDB    	M-28
SP-DMC    	PZL M-20
SP-FCC     	M-18
SP-FCL     	M-18
SP-FHH    	Mil2
SP-FSD    	Mil2
SP-FSR     	Mil2
SP-FTI      	L.410
SP-KEB    	PZL-104
SP-LWA   	AN-26
SP-PDE     	M-28
SP-PIB     	PZL M-26
SP-PRD    	PZL-105
SP-PWC    	I-22
SP-PWE    	I-22
SP-SUE     	Sokol
SP-TPA     	L.410
SP-UXC    	AN-2    		(+ one more unmarked)
SP-WCA    	PZL-130
SP-ZXE     	Mil2
1x		PZL-110

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