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Radom 2007

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Date: 1 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


Main gate:
4004 			Mi-24D 		pres
(1808)/04 		MiG-21M 	pres, tiger mks
(140)/40 		MiG-23MF 	pres
(8001)/22 		Su-22M-4 	pres
721 			TS-11 		pres

East static:
LJ-2 			Lj35A 		TukiLLv
86+02, 87+27 		Bo105P1 	nn
406 			An-26 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB.
T.19B-11/35-29 		CN235M-100 	Ala 35
25 blue 		An-26 		Ukraine AF, c/n 5406

Central static:
6054, 6067 		L-159A
5304/SL 		MiG-29UBS 	1.SLK
1414 			Lim-5R 		pres
SP-PAK 			M-4P 		pres
SP-TPB 			L-410UVP-E15 	PPL
- 			Bleriot X1 	pres

Western static:
9837 			Mi-171Sh 	232.vrl
T-417 			T-17 		FLSK
319/4-AC 		Mirage 2000N 	EC01.004
46+51 			Tornado ECR 	JBG32
135 			L-39ZO 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB.
C.15-22/15-09 		EF-18A 		Ala 15
ZA458/024, ZG750/128 	Tornado GR4 	15(R)sq, 31sq mks
ZE887/FX, ZG780/XXV 	Tornado F3 	25sq
163544 			SH-2G 		28.elMW
4048 			F-16C 		3.elt
0216 			M-28TD 		13.eltr
1022 			M-28B-1R 	30.elMW
5338 			Mi-2R 		1.OSzL
606 			Mi-17AE 	37.dlot
956 			Mi-24V 		56.kpsb
4120 			MiG-29G 	41.elt
044 			PZL130TC-1 	2.OSzL
707 			Su-22UM-3K 	7.elt, tiger mks
1617 			TS-11 		1.OSzL
0818 			W-3WA 		66.dlot
6601 			SW-4 		1.OSzL

Compound near West static:
020, 038 +13 		PZL130TC-1 	std
- T			S-11 		std, yellow fintip
Most of these Orliks were bagged.

Eastern flightlines / flying:
6728/SL 		MiG-29AS 	1.SLK
83 			MiG-29 		1.elt
0210 			M-28TD 		13.elt
4101, 4104, 4116, 4121 	MiG-29G 	41.elt
4110 			MiG-29GT 	41.elt
2008/2, 1015/7 		TS-11 		1.OSzL/Team Iskry
2004/8, 1010/10 	TS-11 		1.OSzL/Team Iskry
G-AFVE 			Tiger Moth II 	ex RAF T7230
OK-INA 			Ae270 		nn
SP-ABB 			Yak-12A		private
SP-AFY 			L-4H 		ex USAAF 44-79889
SP-DDA 			M-28-04 	PZL Mielec
SP-FWY, SP-NWA 		PZL-104 	private
SP-YSS 			TS-8 		ex Poland 0921

Southside flightlines:
018, 019 		C295M 		13.eltr
0211, 0217 		M-28TD 		13.eltr
0723 			An-28TD 	2.eltl
SP-TPA 			L-410UVP-E15 	PPL

Orliks flightlines:
10 bl 			An-2R 		Lithuania AF
0501 			W-3RL 		2.eltl
1117 			M-28TD 		28.elMW
019, 035, 037, 043 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL, flew
022, 023, 024, 026 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL
029, 03(6), 050 	PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL #
046, 047, 048 		PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL, flew
051, 052 		PZL-130TC-1 	2.OSzL
G-CBPM, G-FUNK 		Yak-50 		Aerostars
G-GYAK, G-IVAR 		Yak-50 		Aerostars
G-JYAK 			Yak-50 		Aerostars
10 yl 			Yak-52 		nn
# There is some confusion about a few of the non-flying Orliks:
029 is also mentioned as 028, 036 is read by others as 030
and 050 was also seen as 053. If anybody can confirm any of
these serials, please let us know!

Western flightlines:
RS02 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
9235, 9244 		JAS39C
6058 			L-159A
HN-432, HN-453 		F-18C 		HävLLv 31
J-055 			F-16AM 		313sq, spec mks
J-635 			F-16AM 		313sq
C.15-26/15-13 		EF-18A 		Ala 15
05-20010 		UH-60M 		nn
0207 			M-28TD 		13.eltr
585, 456, 584 		Mi-24D 		49.psb
728, 734, 738 		Mi-24V 		49.psb
0618 			W-3WA 		1.OSzL
0810 			W-3WA 		66.dlot

Flying only:
84-0015/LN 		F-15C 		493rd FS

And Polish flypasts of three F-16s, three MiG-29s and four
Su-22s. The Eagle was flown by the USAF West Coast demo
team and was operated from Warsaw Okecie. The airshow at
Radom was tragically hit by a mid-air crash of two Zlins of the
Polish Zelazny display team, killing both pilots. After this crash
the remaining part of the show was cancelled as well as the
second show day.

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