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Radom-Sadkow 2000

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Date: 7 September 2000

Made by: Scramble


9784		MiG-21bis	9PLM
9409		Su-22M-4	7ELT
38		MiG-29		1PLM
215		PZL M20		103PL
4154		Bell 206B-3	103PL
0613		W-3W		2PHSZ
4712		Mi-2		47SPS
042		PZL130TC-1	60LPS
827/6		TS-11		58LPS
1017		An-28Bryza-1R	3DLMW
1011		Mi-14PL		2DLMW
0702		Mi-24V1		311ltbvt
J-001		F-16AM		322sq
J-064		F-16BM		322sq
70-1274/RS	C-130E		37th AS
ZJ100		Hawk 102D	BAe Warton
WJ874/"VN799"	Canberra T4	39(1PRU)sq

7820		Su-22M-4	40ELT
0418, 0501	W-3		47SzPS
016, 041, 043	PZL130TC-1	60LPS
044, 045, 046	PZL130TC-1	60LPS
5832		L-159		Aero Vodochody
0715		W-3A		322tldsvt
0835		Mi-24V		331ltbvt
39172/172	JAS39A		F7
9/5-OJ		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
515/5-OG	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
R215/64-GO	C-160R		ET00.064
8095		Bo105M		HFVAS400
8640		Bo105P		HFR36
Also the Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France were
parked on this flightline.

012, 013, 017	PZL-130		60LPS
018, 019, 022	PZL-130		60LPS
025, 027, 028	PZL-130		60LPS
029, 032, 034	PZL-130		60LPS
036		PZL-130		60LPS
0502, 0516	W-3		47SzPS
0518, 0520	W-3		47SzPS
0618, 0701	W-3		47SzPS
0605		W-3		7PUL
The above choppers were seen in an area with a hidden
platform and some hangars. It appeared as if this was
some sort of maintenance department for W-3s and PZL-130s.

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