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Monte Real 2014

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Monte Real Open Day
Date: 13 July 2014
1918 T-33A pres  
2609 T-38A pres  
5347 F-86F pres $
5454 G-91R/3 pres $
11410 TB-30 Esq101 “BA5” mks
15121 F-16AM Esq201/301  
15122 F-16AM Esq201/301  
15226 Alpha Jet A Esq301  
15521 A-7P pres  
$: Indicates aircraft which are preserved and are from the Monte Real Base museum collection.
15101, 15102, 15103 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
15104, 15112, 15113 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
15114, 15133, 15141 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
15118, 15120 F-16BM Esq 201/301  
15108, 15117 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
16703 C-295M Esq 502  
15105, 15123 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
15131, 15134 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
Preserved at gate:
5301 F-86F ex FAP at old gate  
15524 A-7P ex FAP at new gate  
83-1090/ “15150” F-16A on pole at new gate  
The open day turned out to be a local event. When we arrived at the gate, a large group of people was waiting to enter the base premises.
Luckily we got in with the first group and I was able to photograph the static free from background clutter. A small but interesting static was made up of both
preserved and operational types, including a flight line of eleven F-16s. In the afternoon several of them went airborne for some
flying activity at the open day. Remarkable that nothing on the internet was published prior to this show. However, being the only non Portuguese, had some advantages.
All military personnel was friendly and one even took some pictures for me from positions that were off limits for civilians.


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