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Moscow-Zhukovsky 2011

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Date:16-19 August 2011

81-0960/SP A-10C 81th FS A10-0655
81-0981/SP A-10C 81th FS A10-0676
41 red / RF-94268 A-50 Russian AF 83483499
RA-01903 A109S Heli Club 22084
F-WWDD A380-841 Airbus Industrie 4
35 yellow Ansat-U Russian AF  
RA-46395 An-24ALK FIS 7306209
RA-26521 An-26ASLK FIS 7102
41254 An-140-100 Russian AF 11A002
RA-82043 An-124-100 Volga-Dnepr 9773054155101
UR-NTN An-158   1-2-2013
VQ-BLH ATR72-500 UTair 212
HB-ZUV AW139 Swiss Jet 31236
60-0037/MT B-52H 96th BS 464402
N787BA B787-8 Boeing 40690
D-CCIS Beech 350 (FIS) FL-744
N8143Q Beech 350 Beechcraft FL-743
RF-32765 Be-200ChS MChS Rossii 76820001301
86-0013 C-5M 9th AS 500-0099
07-8609/RS C-130J-30 37th AS 382-5623
VQ-BNE CRJ100ER Rusair 7481
C-GDXC DHC-8-402 NAC Leasing 4106
91-0303/LN F-15E 492nd FS 1210/E168
91-0605/LN F-15E 492nd FS 1248/E206
89-2047/AV F-16CG 510th FS 1C-200
90-0777/AV F-16DG 510th FS 1D-55
76492 Il-76LL-3 DRDO 43452549
RA-78854 Il-76MD-90   1013407220
RA-61917 Il-103   testbed 0201
RA-31060 Ka-32A MChS Rossii 6108/01
RF-31802 Ka-32A11BC MChS Rossii 523324069826
52 yellow Ka-52 Russian AF  
92 yellow Ka-52 Russian AF  
240 white Ka-226T Kamov OKB 10-1-2013
RF-21001 Ka-226.50 Aviatsiya MVD  
87-0124 KC-10A 2nd ARS 48310/441
(OK-AIT) L-410UVP UMMC [11]2733
55204 M-55 Geophysica 55.2.0202
RA-15100 M-101T VISKhAGI 15-01-013
941 black MiG-29K RSK MiG  
156 white MiG-29OVT RSK MiG 2960905556
21 red / RF-92232 MiG-29SMT Russian AF  
777 grey MiG-29SMT RSK MiG 2960535403
92 blue / RF-92380 MiG-31BM Russian AF  
154 blue MiG-35D RSK MiG 2960905554
RF-00522 Mi-2U ROSTO 5410913049
RA-25657 Mi-8AMT   8AMT00643104303U
RF-43885 Mi-8AMT Costoms 8AMT00066432905U
01 blue / RF-93129 Mi-8AMTSh   AMTS00643104701U
RF-32785 Mi-8MTV-1 MChS Rossii 96761
96369 Mi-8MTV-5 Kazan’Helicopters 96369
09 yellow / RF-93942 Mi-28N Russian AF  
38 yellow Mi-28N Russian AF  
100 blue / RF-95569 Mi-26 Russian AF 3001212515
342 orange Mi-34S1   prototype
343 black / 34 orange Mi-34S1   mockup
38012 Mi-38   prototype OP-2
38011 Mi-382   prototype OP-1
158929/LA-929 P-3C VP-5 285A-5601
I-PJET P-80 Windjet 1197
OY-PKC PA-46-500TP Air Alfa 4697317
HB-FVK PC-12/47E Pilatus 1256
N278AP Raytheon 390 Beechcraft RB-278
778 red Rysachok   prototype 00-03
87 red / RF-92255 Su-25SM Russian AF  
51 red / RF-93729 Su-27SM3 Russian AF  
502 white Su-30MKK   prototype
10 red / RF-95621 Su-30M2 Russian AF  
08 red Su-34 Russian AF  
48 white outline Su-34 Sukhoi OKB  
902 black Su-35S   2nd prototype
21 red / RF-94121 Tu-95MS-6 Russian AF “Samara”
RA-85317 Tu-154M-LL FACT 78A317
CCCP-77115 Tu-144D Aeroflot 10091
10 red / RF-94100 Tu-160 Russian AF “N. Kuznetsov”
64151 Tu-204SM Tupolev 2nd prototype
RA-64519 Tu-214ON Open Skies 42709019
RA-42413 Yak-42D   4520422219066
26 white Yak-130 Russian AF  
134 white Yak-130 Irkut JSC testbed
Small general aviation aircraft, UAVs, Autogyro’s and ultra-lights not listed.
The Russian Lyotnyye Proverki i Sistemy, or Flight Inspections & Systems (FIS) was present with two Antonovs. A German King Air D-CCIS was fitted with FIS stickers, probably for promotional purposes.
The DHC-8 C-GDXC was in basic ANA livery, with NAC leasing titles applied. Ex JA849A.
An-140 41254 is painted in a dark grey c/s with Russian flag on the tail. The cabin has a standard all-economy seating layout. The manufacturer plate states the reg as RA-41254 but obviously soon to be reregistered as RF-9xxxx.
Mi-382 38011 is in fact a converted Mi-38 (OP-1) prototype. Fitted with new Klimov TV7-117V engines and APU.
Flying display only
RA-20012 Ansat Kazan’air enterprise 33012
RF-29011 AS355N Politsiya 5701
91-0303/LN F-15E 492nd FS 1210/E168
51 yellow Ka-52 Russian AF  
232 white Ka-226    
237 white Ka-226T Kamov OKB  
RA-1563G / “65 red” MiG-3    
6137 Mi-8T Roskosmos 7912
901 black Mi-26T2   prototype 34001212096
35 yellow Mi-28N Russian AF  
121/113-IZ Rafale C EC01.007  
777 red Rysachok   prototype 00-01
97004 SSJ-100-95 Sukhoi 95004
04 red / RF-92252 Su-34 Russian AF  
901 blue Su-35S   prototype
51 blue / 051 T-50   prototype T50-1
52 blue / 052 T-50   prototype T50-2
64150 Tu-204SM Tupolev prototype
Display teams
11/RF-49806, 23/RF-49817 L-39C ‘Team Rosto’  
24/RF-49818, 25/RF-49815 L-39C ‘Team Rosto’  
89 red / RF-49814 L-39C ‘Team Rosto’ 734118
1/YL-KSH, 2/YL-KST L-39C ‘Baltic Bees’  
3/YL-KSS, 4/YL-KSM L-39C ‘Baltic Bees’  
5/YL-KSL L-39C ‘Baltic Bees’  
03 blue, 06, 07, 09, 10, 12 MiG-29 ‘Strizhi’  
01 blue, 05, 08, 10, 16 Su-27 ‘Russian knights’  
06 red, 02 red Su-27    
14 red / RF-92198, Su-27UB ‘Falcons of Russia’  
66 red / RF-92225 Su-27UB ‘Falcons of Russia’  
82 red / RF-93693 Su-27UB Russian AF  
5/YL-KSL landed hard and ran off the runway onto the grass shoulder after the performance on the 18th, becoming unserviceable.
Visitors outside the show area
37 red An-12BK Russian AF 8345810
59 red / RF-92950 An-26 Russian AF  
RA-72916 An-72S Russian AF 365.720.40.525
UR-74010 An-74T Antonov Airl. 365.470.30.450
KBU3301 MiG-29UPG Indian AF  
30 yellow Mi-8MT Russian AF  
RA-25529 Mi-8MTV-1S Rossiya 96634
RA-25533 Mi-8MTV-1S Rossiya 96635
RA-27016 Mi-8MTV-1S Rossiya 96482
102/113-EF Rafale C EC01.007  
EK-95015 SSJ-100-95 Armavia 95007
RA-88164 Yak-40 SibNIA 9611846
RA-42413 Yak-42D TGI Leasing 4520422219066
The MiG-29UPG, KBU3301, made a test flight on the 18th. The fighter, former KB3301 is being upgraded and was partially painted.
The three Rossiya Special Flight Detachment Mi-8s brought the president for a visit on the 17th.
What makes a trip to Zhukovsky even more interesting, is that Zhukovsky is home to the Gromov Flight Research Institute known as LII and Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute known as TsAGI — two major facilities involved in testing and designing aircraft. Lots of aircraft are stored on the massive airfield, and with some effort most can be seen from the air show.
Stored or parked outside the show area
43 red An-12BK-LL   Testbed 8345902
11529 An-12BP MSK-MiG 6344109
29113 An-26   1301
07 red An-30A   Testbed 0405
(none) Buran   2.01
CCCP-76452 “Be-976”   63465965
RA-76453 “Be-976”   63466995
76455 “Be-976”   63471125
EX-603 Il-18V   182005601
19 red Il-38N   08..010706
76454 Il-76LL   73469074
RA-86891 Il-76LL   93421628
RA-76529 Il-76LL-4   73410308
CCCP-06188 Il-76LL-5   93421635
RA-76753 Il-76MD   testbed 0073481461
RA-86871 Il-76MD   prototype 0013434002
YL-LAK Il-76T   3424707
4K-AZ19 Il-76TD Silk Way Azerbaijan 53460820
RA-76362 Il-76TD MChS Rossii 1033416533
RA-76476 Il-76TD Airstarts 43451528
RA-78738 Il-76TD Gromov Air 33442247
RA-76792 Il-76TD   testbed 0093497942
RA-76845 Il-76TD MChS Rossii 1043420696
RA-76701 Il-78M   prototype 0063471139
RA-96002 Il-96-300 Airstars 74393201001
10201 black Il-102   pres
RA-10300 Il-103   101
RA-10303 Il-103   104
RA-54002 Il-114   10138*****
46(?) yellow L-39C LII 734239
(62 white o/l) / 356 MiG-21UM   8695162
68 white o/l MiG-21US   pres 09685126
02 blue MiG-25PU-SOTN N22044011  
10 blue MiG-29 MiG OKB 2960516767
RA-06100 Mi-8T   98628939
RF-00730 RC700   70007
38 red Su-15TM    
72 red Su-15UT    
15 white Su-24 LII 1515301
02 red Su-27 LII 36911017002
01 blue Tu-16LL   6401401
05 blue Tu-16LL   8204105
65606 Tu-134AK Tupolev (63)46300
RA-65559 Tu-134AK Aeroflot 7349909
(none) Tu-134A-1   metal finish 8360282
RA-65047 Tu-134A-3 Gromov Air (73)49600
RA-65087 Tu-134A-3 RusAir (73)60155
RA-65740 Tu-134A-1510 LII testbed 2351510
RA-65552 Tu-134LL   2350204
(RA-64740) Tu-134UBL NPO Vega (33)64740
RA-77114 Tu-144LL   10082
RA-85601 Tu-154B-2   84A601
CCCP-85035 Tu-155   71A035
RA-64007 Tu-204 Aeroflot 1450741264007
RA-64009 Tu-204S Aeroflot 1450744264009
RA-64050 Tu-204-100V Red Wings 1450741964050
RA-64512 Tu-214 Airstar 42305012
RA-64001 Tu-234   mock up
RF-01502 VM-T   with cargo “egg” 9301502
87659 Yak-40 Yakovlev 9240325
CCCP-98114 Yak-40   testbed
RA-88265 Yak-40 LII 9722052
RA-87569 Yak-40D Alliance Avia 9220222
48112 Yak-40FG   9211520
87200 Yak-40K Beriyev TANTK 9811956
98111 Yak-40K Sukhoi 9741656
RA-42320 Yak-42 Astair 4520421302075
RA-42344 Yak-42D RusAir 4520422708295
RA-42359 Yak-42D Interavia 4520423811417
RA-42429 Yak-42D Aeroflot 4520423407016
RA-42438 Yak-42D Gaspromavia  
Il-76 76454, converted “aircraft 976” radar picket aircraft is now in a hangar (only the rear fuselage and tail are exposed) and is obviously being refitted. Still carries PowerJet titles and logo.      
Il-76 76492 is fitted with an Indian GTRE VS-01 Kaveri development engine.      
IL-76 RA-76792 former test bed with D-30KP-3 Burlak development engine, reconverted to standard, stored on Il’yushin hardstand. Saturn titles.       
Il-76 YL-LAK ex Inversija, full Inversija c/s with additional “LARK” logo on rear fuselage. a subsidiary of the Danish MoD which leased the aircraft.      
Mi-28N 09 yellow / RF-93942 camouflaged, no mast-mounted radar, presumably ex 43 Yellow (344th Combat Training & Aircrew Conversion Centre, Torzhok)   
which was damaged in an autorotation landing at the Gorokhovets artillery range on 19 June 2009 and rebuilt by Rostvertol (the exhaust/air mixer intake blanks are marked 40204-43).


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