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Pushkin 2012

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Date:11 August 2012


An-12 RF-12556 2348109 nn
An-30 86 rd 806 1 AvGr/7000 AvB, Voronezh
An-72 RF-72956 36572092853 based Gromovo?
Mi-8MTV-5 17 rd 97009 nn
Mi-24P 42 rd/RF-93635 3532432826114 nn (grey c/s)
MiG-29SMT 07 rd/RF-92927 34120 5 AvGr/7000 AvB, Kursk
MiG-31 06 rd   nn
Su-27 04 rd/RF-92404 36911025206 nn
Su-34 10 rd   1 AvGr/7000 AvB, Voronezh (grey c/s)
Tu-134Sh 65098 73550815 NPP Mir
Stored/parked in static area
An-2 RA-33654 1G23347 nn (white/blue c/s)
An-24LR RA-47195 7306202 NPP Mir (white/red c/s)
An-26 RA-26648 609 NPP Mir (“Aeroflot” white/blue c/s)
Il-38 71 rd 82011207 nn (“Aviatsiya VMF Rossii”)
Mi-8PPV --   stored, Leninets NPO
Tu-134BV RA-65931 66185 stored, Leninets NPO (“Aeroflot”)
ARZ area (closed for public)
Il-20 -- 175011605?  
Il-20RT RA-75481 173011503  
Il-22M RA-75914 394017100  
Il-22 2x    
Il-38 24 rd 81010906  
Il-38 1x    
SM-92T RA-0888G   FSB?
SM-92T 257 bk   FSB?
Tu-134UBL 11 rd 64148 NPP Mir
Plus several stored/wfu Su-24s and Su-27s, including Su-24 06 wh and Su-27UB 53 bl and 14 rd/RF-92198.


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