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Zhukovsky 1993

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Date: 29 August - 5 September 1993

Made by: Scramble


During the show many aircraft were switching positions.
The given positions (static, hangar, etc.) are as noted
on September 3rd and 4th. Of the aircraft that were flying,
the base from which they were operating is mentioned. All
c/n's mentioned were read from the aircraft.
Although the current owner of many aircraft that were still
carrying Aeroflot titles was known, they are mentioned as
being Aeroflot aircraft.

UR-07714    An-2       1G158-34     Avial Ukraïny
RA-70547    An-2       1G145-23     Aeroflot
RA-71251    An-2       1G17-48      Aeroflot
UR-48004    An-32P     1306         Antonov
UR-48070    An-32B                  Stela
RA-48119    An-32      2209         AFL c/s, n/t
UR-74008    An-74                   Antonov
UR-74010    An-74T                  Antonov
RA-74025    An-74                   Aviacor
UR-82060    An-225     01-01        Antonov
"023" gold  Intera....
"002" gold  Intera I-3 1292
"003" gold  Intera I-3 91050300
FLA-02113   ATK/Atruvera
"313" yel   Aviatika 900
G-BUIX      BAe125-1000
RA-02800    BAe125-700
RA-00073    Be-12P     2602505      Beriev
RA-67205    Be-32                   Moscow Airways
"378"       Be-40      (2nd proto)  CIS AF
RA-01349    CeF152
F-GNDA      Da900      88
02113       L-29  
N485GA      G-1159C                 Grumman
            Hughes 300
RA-75423    IL-18      182005601    AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-76456  IL-76/A50               Aeroflot
RA-76835    IL-76TD    1013408244   Aeroflot
RA-96000    IL-96M                  Ilyushin
RA-54002    IL-114                  Ilyushin
UK-91001    IL-114                  Uzbekistan
            Interav I-5  890403
RA-06144    Ka-32      31033        Kamov
"021" black Ka-50      01012        CIS AF
RA-17500    Ka-126
RA-67661    L-410      902519       Aeroflot
"042" yel   Mi-8                    CIS AF
RA-22546    Mi-8P      10459        Kazan Heli.
RA-25364    Mi-8TG     98206842     Vnukovo Al
RA-25755    Mi-8TM     99357303     KUALO
RA-70901    Mi-8MTV1   95832        Kazan Heli.
"84" yel    Mi-8MT     95568        CIS AF
RA-70880    Mi-17      212M144      Fl Res Inst
RA-06089    Mi-26TM                 Rossia
"042" yel   Mi-28      286 ?        CIS AF
RA-13001    Mi-34
"01" blue   MiG-27M    1080101      CIS AF
"155" blue  MiG-29M                 CIS AF '155'
"555"       MiG-29     35400        CIS AF '4710'
"312" blue  MiG-29K                 CIS AF
"374" blue  MiG-31     N69700121496 CIS AF
OH-KNE      Mu300      A014SA
RF-01502    Mya-4      9301502      Atlant
RF-01552    Mya-55                  Geophisica
"01" black  PZL-104    21900908     CIS AF
"02" black  PZL-104    21910923     CIS AF
"15" blue   PZL-104    18838738     CIS AF
01187       SE-3160    HAL2223/HATB270
"59" yel    Su-17M4    16309        CIS AF
"40" yel    Su-24      0941648      CIS AF
"10" blue   Su-25TK    25508101014  CIS AF
"05" red    Su-27      36911024205  CIS AF
"22" blue   Su-27T     1022         CIS AF
"321"       Su-27U     96310413042  CIS AF  Su-30MK
"03" black  Su-29                   CIS AF
no code     Su-29      7504         CIS AF
"02" black  Su-31                   CIS AF
"60" red    Tu-22M3    3791834      CIS AF
RA-65906    Tu-134A    66175        AFL c/s, n/t
no code     Tu-142M3   9604012      CIS AS
CCCP-77114  Tu-144                  Aeroflot
CCCP-85317  Tu-154M                 Aeroflot
RA-85786    Tu-154M    970          Samara
"63" grey   Tu-160     0401         CIS AF
RA-64010    Tu-204                  Tup/Aviastar
no code     Yak-3M     0740101      CIS AF
RA-44467    Yak-18T    1533
RA-42424    Yak-42                  Yakovlev
"04" red    Yak-52     9211612      CIS AF
RA-58002    Yak-58
"23" blue   Yak-55M    920308       CIS AF
RA-00001    Yak-112    00-002
"141" white Yak-141    48-2 ?       CIS AF

Large aprons behind static:
RA-11312    An-12BP    3340903      grey, n/t
RA-13321    An-12      2340301      grey, n/t
UN-26025    An-26                   UN
RA-26196    An-26                   AFL c/s, n/t
RA-26678    An-26                   Aeroflot
"03" blue   An-26                   Ukraine AF
CCCP-48976  An-32      1704         Aeroflot
66759       An-32                   UN "UN482"
RA-72983    An-72      damaged      Aero Tumi
RA-72905    An-72                   Aeroflot
RA-75431    IL-18      182002003    AFL c/s, n/t
RA-75811    IL-18      182004504    AFL c/s, n/t
RA-75851    IL-18      182005501    AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-75834  IL-18      182005104    AFL c/s, n/t
RA-75894    IL-18      182004801    AFL c/s, n/t
RA-86515    IL-62M                  Moscow Aw
RA-86674    IL-62                   Aeroflot
CCCP-06188  IL-76T                  Aeroflot
RA-76350    IL-76                   AFL c/s, n/t
RA-76370    IL-76TD                 AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-76450  IL-76MD/sat             Aeroflot
RA-76451    IL-76MD/sat             Aeroflot
CCCP-76453  IL-76/A50  0013435009 ? Aeroflot
RA-76490    IL-76T                  AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-76529  IL-76      073410308    Aeroflot
RA-76623    IL-76                   Aeroflot
CCCP-76694  IL-76MD                 AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-76697  IL-76MD    0063470118   Aeroflot
UR-76698    IL-76MD    0063471123   Veteran
RA-76701    IL-78M                  Aeroflot
CCCP-76727  IL-76MD                 Aeroflot
RA-76759    IL-76T     0093418543   Aeroflot
RA-76753    IL-76MD    1013406206 ? Aeroflot
RA-76817    IL-76TD                 Mals Deoghar
RA-76823    IL-76                   AFL c/s, n/t
RA-86600    IL-76M                  Aeroflot
CCCP-86721  IL-76                   AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-86871  IL-76MD                 Aeroflot
(CCCP-86001)IL-86      fuselage only, reg ?
RA-86149    IL-86/sat               Aeroflot
RA-96001    IL-96                   Aeroflot
10201       IL-102
RA-54001    IL-114     wreckage     Ilyushin
            L-29                    CIS AF
"45" white  L-39       332502       CIS AF
"51" white  L-39       031612       CIS AF
"65" white  L-39       132126       CIS AF/DOSAAF
"84" white  L-39       031633       CIS AF/DOSAAF
"001" blue  L-39       031627       CIS AF
"108" white L-39       031628       CIS AF
"132" white L-39       931517       CIS AF
"137" white L-39       031615       CIS AF
"03" yel    Li-2       23441605     CIS AF
"44" red    MiG-21SM   (modified)   CIS AF
"03" blue   MiG-23UB   39047715/251025205600 CIS AF
"36" white  MiG-23MLD? 10918        CIS AF
n/n         MiG-23UB   5901812      CIS AF
"03" blue   MiG-25P    fusel. only  CIS AF
"306" blue  MiG-25P    N84042680    CIS AF
"701" blue  MiG-25RBK  N02048127    CIS AF
n/n         MiG-25PD   N84015270    CIS AF
n/n         MiG-25BM   N66005306    CIS AF
            MiG-25P                 CIS AF
"11" blue   MiG-29     15125        CIS AF '211'
"21" blue   MiG-29                  CIS AF '921'
"301" blue  MiG-29M                 CIS AF '156'
"304" blue  MiG-29UB   50903008134  CIS AF
"506" blue  MiG-29M                 CIS AF
"710" blue  MiG-29                  CIS AF
"77" red    MiG-31     N69700104695 CIS AF
"051" blue  MiG-31     N69700107607 CIS AF
"303" blue  MiG-31     N69700104207 CIS AF
n/n         MiG-31     N69700102176 CIS AF
"61" red    PZL-104    985083..     CIS AF
"62" black  PZL-104                 CIS AF
"63" black  PZL-104    107363       CIS AF
"16" blue   Su-15      0615316      CIS AF
"38" red    Su-15TM    0848         CIS AF
"72" red    Su-15UT    0438         CIS AF
"09" white  Su-17U3M   N17532368509 CIS AF
"14" blue   Su-17U3M   N17532365714 CIS AF  w/o
"30" blue   Su-24      0115302      CIS AF
"611" white Su-24      0215301      CIS AF
cover       Su-24MR                 CIS AF
"03" outl.  Su-25      25508107080  CIS AF
"01" black  Su-26                   CIS AF
"04" black  Su-26                   CIS AF
"03" blue   Su-27UB    49021002103  CIS AF
"09" blue   Su-27UB    96310424035  CIS AF
"319" blue  Su-27      36911024104  CIS AF
"701" outl. Su-27                   CIS AF
"709" outl. Su-27U.    N7987101100  CIS AF 'desert'
"710" blue  Su-27K     79871011002  CIS AF
no code     Su-27U     49021002502  CIS AF
covered     Su-27                   CIS AF
            Su-27UB                 CIS AF
bare metal  Su-27T1015              CIS AF
n/n         Su-27M     36911022619  CIS AF
"302" blue  Su-28      38220105002  CIS AF  'white'
"01" black  Su-29                   CIS AF
"03" black  Su-31                   CIS AF
"703" n/n   Su-35      79371010102  CIS AF
"01" blue   Tu-16      6401501      CIS AF
"05' blue   Tu-16      8204105      CIS AF
"10" blue   Tu-16      1881110      CIS AF
"41" blue   Tu-16      6401410      CIS AF
"05" red    Tu-22R     1203         CIS AF
"4504" blac Tu-22M3    2145345      CIS AF
"9804" blac Tu-22M     4898649      CIS AF
"317" black Tu-95MS    19317        CIS AF  ) toge-
"604" black Tu-95MS    24604        CIS AF  ) ther
"610" black Tu-95MS    24610        CIS AF  )
"611" black Tu-95MS    27611        CIS AF
"26" red    Tu-95MS    32477        CIS AF
"01" red    Tu-134     63500783 ?   CIS AF
no code     Tu-134     64740        CIS AF
"30" red    Tu-134     64845        CIS AF
RA-65097    Tu-134A                 AFL c/s, n/t
RA-65562    Tu-134                  AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-65624  Tu-134A3                Aeroflot
RA-65720    Tu-134B3                Aeroflot
CCCP-65740  Tu-134                  Aeroflot
RA-65760    Tu-134A    62167        Aeroflot
RA-65908    Tu-134A                 AFL c/s, n/t
RA-65917    Tu-134A3CX 63991        Aeroflot
RA-65927    Tu-134A                 Aeroflot
RA-65960    Tu-134A                 Aeroflot
"043" black Tu-142                  CIS AF    nr.end
CCCP-77112  Tu-144                  Aeroflot
CCCP-77113  Tu-144                  Aeroflot
CCCP-77115  Tu-144                  Aeroflot
CCCP-85024  Tu-154B                 Aeroflot
CCCP-85035  Tu-155                  AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-85055  Tu-154                  Aeroflot
CCCP-85083  Tu-154B                 Aeroflot
CCCP-85108  Tu-154B1                Aeroflot
CCCP-85119  Tu-154B                 Aeroflot
RA-85523    Tu-154B                 Moscow Aw
RA-85606    Tu-154B                 Aeroflot
RA-85607    Tu-154B                 Aeroflot
RA-85801    Tu-154M    960          a/w, n/t
"18" grey   Tu-160                  CIS AF
"29" grey   Tu-160                  CIS AF
"30" grey   Tu-160                  CIS AF  shelter
"87" grey   Tu-160                  CIS AF
RA-64001    Tu-204                  Aeroflot
RA-64003    Tu-204                  Aeroflot
RA-64004    Tu-204                  Aeroflot
RA-64006    Tu-204                  Bravia
RA-64007    Tu-204                  Aeroflot
RA-64009    Tu-204                  Orel Avia
RA-64011    Tu-204                  AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-81400  Yak-18T                          wfu
"47" yel    Yak-38U    55215        CIS Navy
"88' yel    Yak-38     08494        CIS Navy
CCCP-48112  Yak-40                  Aeroflot
RA-87200    Yak-40K    9811956      Aeroflot
CCCP-87229  Yak-40K    9841759      Aeroflot
RA-87514    Yak-40     9521640      AFL c/s, n/t
RA-87541    Yak-40     9530642      AFL c/s, n/t
RF-87659    Yak-40                  Yak/Transaero
CCCP-87791  Yak-40                  Aeroflot
RA-87973    Yak-40     9041860      Orel Avia
RA-88238    Yak-40     9640951      AFL c/s, n/t
RA-88239    Yak-40     9641051      Aeroflot
RA-88295    Yak-40                  Yakovlev
CCCP-98111  Yak-40K    9741656      Aeroflot
CCCP-42306  Yak-42                  Aeroflot
CCCP-42314  Yak-42                  Aeroflot
CCCP-42320  Yak-42                  Aeroflot
RA-42422    Yak-42                  Orel Avia
RA-42423    Yak-42                  Yakovlev
CCCP-42525  Yak-42                  Aeroflot
CCCP-42644  Yak-42F   4520424914090 Aeroflot
"16" blue   Yak-52     911211       CIS AF
"32" yel    Yak-52     899910       CIS AF
"33" yel    Yak-52     899909       CIS AF
"38" blue   Yak-52     855413       CIS AF
"68" blue   Yak-52     9111603      CIS AF

Hangar at end of static on eastside:
CCCP-75530  IL-18      183006903    Aeroflot
RA-86627    IL-76      063405137    Aeroflot
RA-96002    IL-96                   Aeroflot
RA-54000    IL-114                  Ilyushin

First hangar at end of static on westside:
RA-65907    Tu-134A                 n/n

Second hangar at end of static on westside:
"01" blue   Tu-16      6401401      CIS AF
"43" red    An-12      8345902      CIS AF

First hangar halfway static:
"33" red    Tu-22M3                 CIS AF
            Tu-22M    fuselage only CIS AF

Second hangar halfway static:
"36" red    Tu-22M                  CIS AF
            Tu-160                  CIS AF

Hangar near entry on westside by Tu-142:
"02" blue   MiG-25PU   N22044011    CIS AF
"02" red    Su-27      36911017002  CIS AF
"05" red    Su-27      36911010203  CIS AF
"07" blue   Su-27      36911035202  CIS AF
"14" red    Su-27      36911011303  CIS AF

Hangar Sukhoi OKB:
"42" blue   Su-27IB                 CIS AF

Hangar MiG OKB:
n/n         MiG-23ML   19999        CIS AF
"247" white MiG-23ML   12674        CIS AF
"18" blue   MiG-29KVP               CIS AF
"25" blue   MiG-29                  CIS AF '925'
"26" blue   MiG-29     05560        CIS AF
"51" blue   MiG-29UB                CIS AF '951'
"299" blue  MiG-29S    36581        CIS AF '5211'
"311" blue  MiG-29K    2016188      CIS AF '6802'
"407" blue  MiG-29S    2960207682   CIS AF
n/n         MiG-29S    3426 ?       CIS AF
"055" blue  MiG-31                  CIS AF
            Su-25                   CIS AF

Dump at eastside of airfield:
CCCP-.....  An-2
"30" red    Mi-4       0130         CIS AF
"45" white  Mi-4       09145        CIS AF
            Mi-4       1953         CIS AF
"10" blue   MiG-19     61210418     CIS AF
            MiG-25P                 CIS AF
CCCP-75884  IL-18      183006202    Aeroflot
RA-27220    IL-18/sat  188000401    Aeroflot
"09" blauw  IL-28U     65010809     CIS AF
"19" blauw  IL-28U     6..10219     CIS AF
CCCP-76500  IL-76                   Aeroflot
"74" red    L-29       490833       CIS AF
            Su-15                   CIS AF
"69" red    Tu-16      1883601      CIS AF
"301" black Tu-22M2    5031019      CIS AF
CCCP-06195  Tu-104                  Aeroflot
CCCP-42326  Tu-104                  Aeroflot
bare metal  Tu-126     618601       CIS AF
CCCP-77105  Tu-144                  Aeroflot
CCCP-1967   Yak-40                  Aeroflot
CCCP-87731  Yak-40                  Aeroflot
CCCP-1977   Yak-42                  Aeroflot
"59" yel    Yak-50     760704       CIS AF

Flying & visiting (more days unless mentioned):
UR-48097    An-24RV    57310409  AFL c/s, n/t  04sep
RA-26597    An-26                   Aeroflot   03sep
RA-26169    An-26      0710         Aeroflot
72966       An-72                   n/t        04sep
RA-06143    Ka-32A
"05" yel    Mi-2       5410745118   CIS AF     04sep
"06" yel    Mi-2       5410741108   CIS AF     04sep
FLA-01      Mi-2       5411032099   CIS AF     04sep
CCCP-70882  Mi-17                   Aeroflot   31aug
"09" yel    Mi-8P      8583 ?       CIS AF
"15" yel    Mi-8P                   CIS AF
"20" yel    Mi-8P                   CIS AF
"41" yel    Mi-24P                  special c/s
"42" yel    Mi-24P                  special c/s
"47" yel    Mi-24P                  special c/s
            Mi-24T                  black c/s
"50" yel    Mi-24T                  special c/s
"53" yel    Mi-24T                  special c/s
"81" blue   Su-25                   Flying Usars
"85" blue   Su-25                   Flying Usars
"87" blue   Su-25                   Flying Usars
"90" blue   Su-25                   Flying Usars
"35" black  Su-26      0406         CIS AF     04sep
"06" blue   Su-27                   Russian Knights
"07" blue   Su-27                   Russian Knights
"09" blue   Su-27                   Russian Knights
"10" blue   Su-27                   Russian Knights
"18" blue   Su-27UB                 Russian Knights
"19" blue   Su-27UB                 Russian Knights

Aprons on southside of the runway:
"03" yel    An-2       1G28-12      CIS AF
"03" yel    An-2       2nd "03" yel CIS AF
"15" red    An-12      1340105      CIS AF
08256       An-12      402207       CIS AF (star)
RA-13331    An-12      6344510      grey, n/t
RA-11992    An-12      402604       white, n/t ?
"86" red    An-24                   CIS AF
RA-26192    An-24RV                 Aeroflot
RA-46395    An-24      07306209     ????
RA-83968    An-24      17307502     ????
"21" red    An-26                   CIS AF
CCCP-26211  An-26      00402        Aeroflot
"07" red    An-30                   CIS AF
"86" red    An-30                   CIS AF
CCCP-48078  An-32                   Avial Ukr.
CCCP-48079  An-32                   Avial Ukr.
RA-48002    An-32B     3305         AFL c/s, n/t
no reg on   An-32B     3102         AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-78732  IL-18      181004103    AFL c/s, n/t
RA-75901    IL-18      0393609935   Aeroflot
RA-75922    IL-18      2694017552   Aeroflot
RA-75924    IL-18                   Aeroflot
RA-76362    IL-76TD          Centro Slass Gkus Rosii
RA-76363    IL-76TD          Centro Slass Gkus Rosii
CCCP-76452  IL-76/A50               Aeroflot
CCCP-76454  IL-76/A50               Aeroflot
CCCP-76455  IL-76/A50               Aeroflot
CCCP-76492  IL-76MD                 Aeroflot
RA-76497    IL-76                   ??
RA-76528    IL-76T                  Aeroflot
CCCP-76556  IL-78      0033445294   Aeroflot
CCCP-86604  IL-76                   Aeroflot
CCCP-86891  IL-76M                  Aeroflot
RA-86125    IL-86                   AFL c/s, n/t
            L-29                    CIS AF
"21" outl.  L-29       591485       CIS AF
"24" red    L-29       491210       CIS AF  wfu
"60" red    L-29                    CIS AF
"27" red    L-39       433127       CIS AF  dbr
"28" red    L-39                    CIS AF
            Ka-27                   CIS Navy ?
"012" white Ka-50                   CIS AF
"020" black Ka-50      01003        CIS AF
"67" red    Mi-6       4681710V     CIS AF
"88" red    Mi-6       2680807V     CIS AF
"90" red    Mi-6       7683403V     CIS AF
"96" red    Mi-6                    CIS AF
"16" white  Mi-8T                   CIS AF
"50" yel    Mi-8T                   CIS AF
RA-06100    Mi-8T                   Aeroflot
RA-06160    Mi-8T                   n/t
RA-06169    Mi-8T                   n/t
RA-69318    Mi-8T                   camo c/s
RA-         Mi-8MT     96001        n/t
RA-         Mi-8MT     96002        n/t
RA-70881    Mi-17                   Aeroflot
CCCP-70883  Mi-17                   n/t
CCCP-70884  Mi-17                   n/t
RA-70885    Mi-17      520M20       n/t
"04" blue   Mi-26                   CIS AF
"64" yel    Mi-26                   CIS AF
cover       MiG-21UM   43046        CIS AF
"61" outl.  MiG-21UM   516931061    CIS AF  wfu
"62" outl.  MiG-21UM   08695162     CIS AF
"68" outl.  MiG-21UM   0926         CIS AF  wfu
"80" red    MiG-23ML   2004         CIS AF
"09" red    MiG-23UB   3009         CIS AF
"31" outl.  MiG-23UB   1813         CIS AF  wfu
"01" blue   MiG-25PU   eject seat trail     CIS AF
"22" blue   MiG-25PU   N22040578    CIS AF
"40" blue   MiG-25PU   N39006131    CIS AF
"47" blue   MiG-25     N02022047    CIS AF
no code     MiG-25     N02029210    CIS AF
"305" blue  MiG-25P    N84042474    CIS AF
"10" blue   MiG-29     16767        CIS AF
"24" blue   MiG-29                  CIS AF '924'
"24" red    MiG-29     491210       CIS AF
"509"       MiG-29                  CIS AF
"777"       MiG-29     35403        CIS AF
no code     MiG-29     09165        CIS AF   shelter
"55" red    Mya-4 'B'  9301601      CIS AF
"61" red    Mya-4 'A'  6303134      CIS AF
"10" blue   Su-24      2715310      CIS AF
"11" blue   Su-24M     1141613      CIS AF
"15" blue   Su-24      1515301      CIS AF
"319"       Su-27                   CIS AF
"595" white Su-27P     36911037511  CIS AF  TPS
"597" white Su-27PU/PK 1010102 ?    CIS AF  TPS
no code     Su-27      56911009406  CIS AF   shelter
"57" red    Tu-16                   CIS AF   shelter
RA-65623    Tu-134A    49985        ex Ukra c/s
RA-65626    Tu-134A                 AFL c/s, n/t
RA-65855    Tu-134A3                AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-65933  Tu-134                  AFL c/s, n/t
RA-85783    Tu-154M                 Aeroflot
FLA-01079   Yak-18T
CCCP-81570  Yak-18T    2220250501   Aeroflot
RA-44442    Yak-18T
RA-44443    Yak-18T
RA-44466    Yak-18T
"24" yel    Yak-38U                 CIS Navy
RA-21502    Yak-40                  Aeroflot
RA-21505    Yak-40K    9830159      AFL c/s, n/t
RA-88265    Yak-40     9722052      AFL c/s, n/t
CCCP-98114  Yak-40                  Aeroflot
??          Yak-40                  AFL c/s, n/t
RA-87950    Yak-40K    9810.57      AFL c/s, n/t

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