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Zhukovsky 1997

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Date: 19/20 August 1997

Made by: Steve, BAR


Reg/Code	Type			C/n		Airline/Operator/Owner
01300		Lisunov Li-2		23441605	Global Edge
02299		Ilyushin IL-14		8344001		Ultra Star
CCCP-42326	Tupolev Tu-104				Aeroflot (dumped Zhukovsky)
CCCP-75884	Ilyushin IL-18		183006202	dumped Zhukovsky
CCCP-76455	Ilyushin IL-76 976	0073471125	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
CCCP-76456	Ilyushin IL-76 976	0073474208	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
CCCP-76711	Ilyushin IL-76 MD	0063473187	Aeroflot
CCCP-86001	Ilyushin IL-86		0102		fuselage only and confirmed as 86001
CCCP-87791	Yakovlev Yak-40		9920203		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
EP-TPZ		Ilyushin IL-76		073410284	Payam Airlines
N1791B		Boeing B.737NG 75B	28110		Boeing
RA-01301	Ilyushin IL-14 M	146001042
RA-11901	Antonov An-12 BP	1340103		Aviatrans Cargo Airlines
RA-13398	Antonov An-26		2607		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-21506	Yakovlev Yak-40 KD	9840259		CNG Transavia
RA-26179	Antonov An-26				Elf Air
RA-42446	Yakovlev Yak-42 D	4520423308017	no titles
RA-46419	Antonov An-24 B		87303704	Tavia
RA-48112	Yakovlev Yak-40		9211520		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-54000	Ilyushin IL-114		0101		Ilyushin
RA-64003	Tupolev Tu-204		1450743164003	Aeroflot
RA-64004	Tupolev Tu-204		1450743164004	Aeroflot
RA-64009	Tupolev Tu-204 C	1450743164009	Aeroflot
RA-64013	Tupolev Tu-204		1450743164013	Vnukovo Airlines
RA-64014	Tupolev Tu-204		1450743164014	Russian Government
RA-64016	Tupolev Tu-204		1450743164016	Tupolev/Aviastar
RA-65562	Tupolev Tu-134 UB	2350104		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-65667	Tupolev Tu-134 A-3	1351207		no titles
RA-65693	Tupolev Tu-134 B-3	63221		Air Vita
RA-65740	Tupolev Tu-134 A	2351510		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-65906	Tupolev Tu-134 A	66175		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-65926	Tupolev Tu-134 A	66101		Gromovair
RA-74029	Antonov An-74		36547097940	T.S. Gkus Rossii
RA-74034	Antonov An-74		36547136012	T.S. Gkus Rossii
RA-75423	Ilyushin IL-18 V	182005601	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-75851	Ilyushin IL-18 V	182005501	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-76388	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	1013406204	Veteran
RA-76421	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	1033415504	Dacono Air
RA-76453	Ilyushin IL-76 976	0063466995	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-76490	Ilyushin IL-76 M	093416506	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-76493	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	0043456700	no titles
RA-76528	Ilyushin IL-76 T	073410293	Volare
RA-76756	Ilyushin IL-76 T	0013428839	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-76822	Ilyushin IL-76 MD	0093499982	Ilavia
RA-76840	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	1033417553	T.S. Gkus Rossii
RA-76843	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	1033418584	Aviaenergo
RA-76845	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	1043420696	T.S. Gkus Rossii
RA-77114	Tupolev Tu-144 LL	08-2		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-78732	Ilyushin IL-18		181004103	Volare
RA-78738	Ilyushin IL-76 TD	0033442247	no titles
RA-82031	Antonov An-124		9773051832049	Russian Air Force
RA-85606	Tupolev Tu-154 M	85A701		ex Moscow Airways
RA-85627	Tupolev Tu-154 M	87A756		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-86139	Ilyushin IL-86		51483210098	Atlant Soyuz
RA-86583	Ilyushin IL-62 M	1356851		all white colour scheme and no titles
RA-86600	Ilyushin IL-76		033401022	Aeroflot
RA-86674	Ilyushin IL-62		70304		Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-86891	Ilyushin IL-76 M	093421628	Zhukovsky Flight Research Institute
RA-87216	Yakovlev Yak-40		9510440		Airvita
RA-87243	Yakovlev Yak-40		9531143		no titles
RA-87659	Yakovlev Yak-40		9240325		Yakovlev  Aircraft Corporation
RA-87807	Yakovlev Yak-40		9231723		International Industrial Bank
RA-88236	Yakovlev Yak-40		9640551		Lipetsk Air
RA-91002	Ilyushin IL-114		1033830030	Ilyushin
UR-48086	Antonov An-32 P		2901		Antau
41 bl  		An-2
21 yw 		An-26 			13806
03 rd  		An-72
305  		Bo-105CBS
43 rd  		Il-14
101 yw  	Ka-25
031 bl 		Ka-31
018 		Ka-50
-  		Ka-50			3538054301099
061 		Ka-52
01 yw  		Mi-8
20 yw  		Mi-8
44 wt  		Mi-8
042 yw 		Mi-28A
81  		MiG-AT
83 bl  		MiG-AT
005  		MiG-25PU
47 bk 		MiG-25
01 bl  		MiG-27 			1080101
25 bl  		MiG-29SMT
86 bl  		MiG-29UB
311 bl 		MiG-29K
357 bl 		MiG-29SD		36034
506  		MiG-29
777  		MiG-29
057 bl 		MiG-31M			N72100106137
374  		MiG-31
10 bl  		Su-24
11 wt 		Su-24
40 yw  		Su-24MR
05 rd  		Su-27 			36911024205
10 bl  		Su-27
42 bl  		Su-27
79 bl  		Su-27
319 bl  	Su-27
595  		Su-30
597  		Su-30
598  		Su-30
44  		Su-32FN
109 bl 		Su-33
711 wt  	Su-37
21 bl  		Su-39
01 bl 		Tu-16LL 		6401401
05 bl 		Tu-16 			8204105
32 rd  		Tu-22M3
9804 bk 	Tu-22M3			4898649
26 rd 		Tu-95
01 rd  		Tu-134

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