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Changi 2000

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Date: 22-27 February 2000

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Updated: 3 November 2002

Rafale B, Dassault
The French try to sell their 21st century jet, the Rafale, all over the world. Therefore, they were also present at Asian Aerospace with this Rafale B (serial 301).

Photo: Ian Moy

Exhibition  halls:
99029		S-Tec Sentry		(UAV)        
006	        CSIST  Kestrel II	(UAV)       
808	        IAI Searcher		(UAV)        
002	        ST Blue Horizon		(UAV)        
F-OHVQ	        EC120B			SAMAERO		c/n 1057         
9M-LCT	        Bell 407		private		c/n53063

Main static park:
ATU-404		S-70A-33		Brunei AF	c/n 702389
96/12-KK	Mirage 2000C	        EC02.012              
301		Rafale B	        Dassault              
MM62166/GF-14	ATR42-400MP		GdiF
ZF562/CV-336	Lynx HMA8		815 Sqn
78-0477/ZZ	F-15C			mlt/5th AF
90-0819/WW	F-16C			74th FS
99-5093		AH-64D			nn                         
165295/NF-600	E-2C	                VAW-115		c/n A52-166            
164947/BM-03	F/A-18D	                VMF(AW)-332                
163942/SM-35	AH-1W	                HMLA-369	c/n 29122
9V-ATI		Lj45			Singapore Al	c/n 033
A6-SMS	        Lj60	                Fujairah Av	c/n 150
C-GFLK		Bell 427		Textron Canada	c/n 56007 
D-BDXP	        Do328-300 		Gandalf Airlines      
EC-296	        C295			CASA                          
F-GVDP	        Falcon 900EX		Dassault	c/n 051           
F-WQEY	        EC155B			Eurocopter                    
F-WQKL	        ATR72-212A		Mount Cook         
OK-CZD	        Ayres 7000 (Let610)                   
N1326D	        Ce208B			Cessna		c/n 208B0802              
N2341S	        Beech 350		HPP Av Serv.	c/n FL-241
N36XL	        Ce560XL			Cessna		c/n 560-5036              
N420Y	        L-420			Ayres Av	c/n 922729A       
N5GA	        G.1159D			Gulfstream                    
N505GA	        IAI1126			Galaxy Aerosp.	c/n 005           
N50070	        S-70C			ex Brunei AF	c/n 701029        
N701WH	        BD-700			Bombardier                    
N705JA	        G.1159A                               
N81110	        Beech 1900D		Tavira Air	c/n UE373 
N988H	        G.1159C(SP)		Honeywell             
UK-91009	IL-114-100		Ilyushin
VH-NUC		Ce182S					c/n 18250293
The Do328Jet was wearing a second registration (D-BGAB) underneath the
upper paint layer. Another aircraft doing the same trick was the Mount Cook 
ATR-72, of which the registration ZK-MCU was visible through the paint.
Finally, the the ex-Brunei AF Sikorsky S-70C was waering its serial V8-HBV
until February 21nd; the given serial (N50070) was painted on the chopper
from the following day. This Sikorsky was to be returned to Sikorsky and was
about to leave for the USA.

Large aircraft park:
R18/61-MM	C-160R			ET01.061
XV240		Nimrod MR2		nn
86-0136		B-1B			127th BS KS ANG                    
60-0028/LA	B-52H	                96th BS                      
98-0052		C-17A	                62nd AW/446th AW             
59-1459		KC-135R	                nn                           
(158223)/223	P-3C	                no mks                       
RA-42423	Yak-42D	                Yakovlev OKB	c/n 4520424216606
VP-BBJ		B737-72U		Picton
The RAAF 'Roulettes' were also attending the show with the following PC-9As:
A23-029, A23-040, A23-046, A23-051, A23-052, A23-060, A23-064

And finally the Patrouille de France was at Changi. Their Alpha Jets were
parked on the far side, the military part of Changi.

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