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Changi 2004

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Date: 19/20 February 2004

Made by:


B-3997			BAe125-800XP	Shanghai Airlines
B-3999	                G-IV		Air China Busin. Jet     
B-HWB	                IAI1126		Metrojet                 
C-GAFM	                DHC-8-402	Bombardier       
C-GIPZ	                CL-300		Bombardier               
C-GZNY	                SB427                            
F-OHVZ	                EC130B4                          
HS-MOM	                CeT182T                          
HS-SMC	                Ce208B		Supap Puranitee          
N60LJ	                Lj60		Learjet                  
N222CX	                Ce750		Cessna                   
N328PT	                Do328-300	Starline         
N550GA	                G550                             
N900EX	                Falcon 900EX	DFJC             
N50586	                Raytheon 390                     
PK-RGI	                Beech B200	Eastindo         
RP-C1944		Lj45
(H.7-2/39)		AS332		Eurocopter	2390

Large aircraft static park:
85-0089, 86-0108/DY	B-1B		28th BS
87-0169/AK		F-15E		90th FS
87-0208/AK		F-15E		90th FS "3OG"
90-0805/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS "35OG"
90-0820/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS "35FW"
N18WF			Global Express	Westfield Avn
N707BZ			B737-7BC	Boeing

Unspecified location:
A8-132			F-111C		6sq
A8-140			F-111C		1sq
46013/FG		DC-8-72		ET03.060
472/93-CC		C-135FR		ERV01.093
3/5-OR, 37/5-OO		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
301			Rafale B	AMD-BA
R55/61-ZC		C-160R		ET00.061
J4041, J4042, J4043	ALH Dhruv	India AF
J4045, J4046		ALH Dhruv	India AF
U2460, U2464, U2466	HJT-16 Kiran 	FTS/Suryan Kiran
U2467, U2469, U2480	HJT-16 Kiran 	FTS/Suryan Kiran
U2484, U2492, U2507	HJT-16 Kiran 	FTS/Suryan Kiran
U2510, U2512, U2520	HJT-16 Kiran	FTS/Suryan Kiran
K2694, K3071		An-32		India AF,33sq
00-0177			C-17A		437th AW
62-3529/ZZ		KC-135R		909th ARS
01-2001/LN, 01-2002/LN	F-15E		494th FS
90-0807/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS
02-(53)22		AH-64D		nn

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