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Changi 2012

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Singapore Airshow 2012
Date: 14-17 February 2012
8321/05-0017 F-15SG 149sq  
8328/05-0024 F-15SG 149sq  
670/01-6019 F-16DJ 145sq  
672/01-6021 F-16DJ 145sq  
065/01-2065 AH-64D 120sq  
263 S-70B 123sq  
10 G550AEW 111sq  
A97-448 C-130J-30 36sq  
MM62223/46-88 C-27J 98˚Gruppo TM  
MM55144, MM55145 T-346A 311˚Gruppo RSV  
M43-03/17 MiG-29N 17Skn/Smokey Bandits 16
M43-11 MiG-29N 17Skn/Smokey Bandits 14,15
61-0295/ZZ KC-135R 99th ARS  
77-0353/ZZ E-3B 961th AACS  
161333/LF-333 P-3C VP-16  
MRTT016 Voyager KC2 Airbus Military(RAF) 14
21512 202 Be-200ChS TANKT Berieva  
A6-AJC A318-112CJ AJA-Al Jaber Aviation  
A7-CEE BD-700-1A11 Qatar Executive  
B-3148 ERJ-190-100LR China Southern Airlines  
B-LCT Ce560 XLS+ Asia Jet  
C-GOVN DHC-6-400 CMCA Communities  
C-GLFS/SUJ DHC-8-402Q SpiceJet (VT-SUJ)
F-GZLP Falcon 7X Dassault Aviation  
F-HBIP Falcon 2000LX Dassault Aviation  
F-HMLL CRJ1000 Brit Air (garuda stickers)
M-ATAR BD-700-1A10 private (white c/s)  
N100FF Phenom 100 Embraer  
N146UK S-92A Helibus Keystone Helicopter Corp.  
N1459 Beech 350ER Beechcraft Special Missions  
N150GA G150 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N192CN Ce680 Cessna  
N449GB Bell 429 Bell Boeing  
N450GD (N622GA) G450 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N688JC Legacy 650 JC Jet/Group, Jackie Chan  
N787BX B787-8 Boeing  
N888VS G550 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N860AP Beechcraft 4000 Hawker Beechcraft  
N964XP Beechcraft 900XPHawker Beechcraft    
OE-ING CL-600-2B16 Vista Jet  
PK-BVB Ce208B Susi Air  
PK-BVV P-180 Avanti Susi Vip  
PT-TRT 088 Phenom 300 Embraer  
PT-TLS EMB-190BJ Embraer/ AJA-Al Jaber Aviation  
VH-TBN Rebel 300 Mr Tony Blair  
9M-ABU EC-135P-2+ Maju Holdings  
9M-CMD EC-145 Sabah Air  
9N-AJZ AS-350B3E Simrik Air  
9V-SPQ * Boeing 747-412 Singapore Airlines 18,19
The B747 was a “replacement” for the B787 and was also used to announce the retirement of the type in Singapore airlines’s fleet in 2012.
Flying display:
8320/05-0016 F-15SG 149sq 14
8325/05-0020 F-15SG 149sq 16
645/97-0118 F-16CJ 143sq 16
61-0014 MT B-52H 23rd BS 14
05-5152/HH C-17A 535th AS  
VH-TBN Rebel 300 Mr Tony Blair’  
The C-17 and Rebel 300 also performed in the static display.
MiG-29N/NUB* of 17Skn/Smokey Bandits:
M43-01*, M43-03/17, M43-04, M43-10, M43-11, M43-16
The M43-03 was is special colours celebrating 53 years of Malaysian Air Force. While the M43-03 and M43-11 swapped places in the static display.
PC-9A of the Roulettes:
A23-046/46, A23-057/57, A23-059/59, A23-060/60, A23-061/61, A23-064/64
Every two years, an aviation trade market is held at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Except for its size this show is pretty similar to the ones at Farnborough (UK) and Le Bourget (F). Many aircraft manufactures and suppliers represent themselves and are showing off their products. However, here at the Singapore Air Show, aircraft of the trade participants did not fly and could only be admired on the ground only. Airbus decided not to take part with the A380 (for obvious reasons) and flew in a new executive Airbus A318 and their A330MRTT tanker. The Royal Air Force/Airbus Voyager did not stay for long and disappeared on the 15th.
The trade event was held from 14th till 17th of February, with the ‘air’show open to the public over the weekend. Only one hour of flying every day provided a huge disappointment despite a top performance from the Malaysia Air Force ‘Smokey Bandits’ with their MiG-29’s.
The well equipped static show made up for it. The official website promised that the F-35 would be there. It turned out to be a full size mock up, so was a let down for many. A bit of ‘Hollywood Glamour’ could be seen as Kong-Fu master; Jackie Chan parked his new jet at the static.
The trade started of a bit slow and this was little expected due to the fragile economy. Nevertheless, at the end of the week a record of US31 billion was inked with more than 45000 trade visitors attracted.
Credits: Le Addeur noir, John de Winter, MAR, Scramble Messageboard

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