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Paya Lebar 2001

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Date: 2 September 2001

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002

292			AS332M		125sq
212			AS550U-2	124sq
260			UH-1H		120sq
725			KC-130B		122sq
752			KC-135R		112sq
710			F27-0502	121sq
975			A-4SU		142/5sq
014			E-2C		111sq
188			CH-47D		127sq
819			RF-5S		141sq
841			F-5S		144sq
861			F-5T		144sq
608			F-16C		140sq
624			F-16D		140sq
NZ6212			A-4K		75sq

Eastern flightline:
730, 731, 732, 733	C-130H		122sq
734			KC-130H		122sq
711, 713		F27-0502	121sq
A20-623			B707-338C	33sq
96-0007			C-17A		437th AW

Western flightline:
NZ6201, NZ6202		A-4K		75sq
NZ6209, NZ6213		A-4K		75sq
NZ6214, NZ6216		A-4K		75sq
NZ6255			TA-4K		75sq

Central flightline/flying display:
613			F-16C		143sq
614			F-16C		140sq
639			F-16D		140sq
692			F-16D		143sq
801, 818		F-5S		149sq
817, 821		F-5S		141sq

Flying only:
283, 291		AS332M		125sq
180			CH-47D		127sq
(936)			A-4SU		nn
985			A-4SU		142/5sq

160019/QD		KC-130R		VMGR-152
This Hercules could be found at ST Aerospace.

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