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Paya Lebar 2003

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Date: 7 September 2003

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E-2C Hawkeye, Singapore Air Force
One of the strongest air forces in the world - when compared to the number of aircraft per inhabitant - must be the air force of Singapore. The amount of aircraft is so big and the total area of the country itself is so small, that a lot of aircraft actually operate from foreign airbases (USA, France, Australia). This E-2C Hawkeye with serial 012 is flying with 111sq, which has its homebase at Tengah in Singapore.

Photo Ian Moy

903			TA-4SU		142/145sq                   
955, 977	        A-4SU		142/145sq                   
271		        AS532UL		125sq                       
204	                AS550C-2	123/124sq, c/n 2563
721	                KC-130B		122sq                       
753	                KC-135R	        112sq               
012	                E-2C	        111sq               
810	                F-5S	        144sq               
836	                RF-5S	        141sq               
862	                F-5T	        144sq               
615	                F-16C	        140sq               
695	                F-16D	        143sq               
717	                F50-ME2S	121sq               
246	                UH-1H		120sq                       
88190	                CH-47D		127sq                       

F27-0502 121sq:	711, 713
KC-130B 122sq:	720, 724, 725
C-130H 122sq:	730, 732, 733

Flying (operating from HAS area):
610, 612, 613		F-16C		143sq
611			F-16C	        nn   
614			F-16C	        140sq
801, 802, 820, 831	F-5S	        149sq

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