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Singapore-Changi 2002

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Date: 26 February-3 March 2002

Made by:


The report below was compiled from different logs made on February 26th, and March
1st and 3rd. Aircraft marked # were only seen on the 26th.
880		F-16A		RSiAF/140sq
301 *		Rafale B	Dassault
19/5-OB		Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
T.21-02/35-40	CASA 295	Ala 35
MM62170/10-01	ATR42-400MP	Guardia Costiera
01-019 *	KT-1		RoKAF, c/n 19
01-020		KT-1	        RoKAF, c/n 20
78-0506/ZZ	F-15C	        67th FS           
78-0543/ZZ	F-15C	        67th FS "18WG"    
90-0233/AK	F-15E	        90th FS "90FS"    
90-0248/AK	F-15E	        90th FS "3WG 90FS"
92-3901/WW	F-16CJ	        13th FS "35FW"    
162348/TY-61 	SH-60B		HSL-47 Det. 6 , c/n 70.457
A6-EJA		Lj60		Execujet	#
B-20001		IAI1125		AIDC
B-3429 * 0203	MA60		CATIC/Xian Aircraft
B-3995		Hawker 800XP	Deerjet	258526
B-HMA		BD-700		Jet Avn/Bombardier
B-HWA		G.1159C(SP)	Metrojet
C-GILN		CL-415		Bombardier 
F-GLBX		TBM700		Socata
F-GLJV		Falcon 900EX	Dassault
F-GSVU		A319CJ		Aero Services	#
F-OHVQ		EC120		Eurocopter 
F-WQES *	EC130		Eurocopter
HB-FOW *	PC-12		Pilatus
HS-PGL		ATR72-212A	Bangkok Airways	#
N5GV	        G.1159D		Gulfstream               
N34GX	        IAI1126		Gulfstream               
N130QS	        B737-7BC	BBJ	#        
N192XL	        Ce560XL		Cessna                   
N516GH	        G.1159D		nn	#                
N608CC	        CL604		Bombardier               
N1129K	        Ce208B		Cessna                   
N5153B	        Ce182T		Cessna                   
N44857	        Beech B200	Raytheon         
OK-XYJ	        Z143L		Letecke Zavody           
PK-RGL	        Beech 350	nn	#        
RA-41901	An-38-100	Layang Layang/NAPA, c/n 4163847010001
RP-C2628	L-410UVP-E3	SEA Airlines	871931
VH-PFS		Lj45		St Aerospace Eng
VH-BJY		GA-8 Airvan	Gippsland Aeron.
ZK-JNG		Beech1900D	Eagle Airways
* = also flying on March 1st

A9-760		AP-3C		10sq	#
ZJ100		Hawk 102D	BAE Systems
85-0077/EL	B-1B		77th BS "77BS"   
86-0129/EL	B-1B	        77th BS          
58-0123/ZZ	KC-135R	        909th ARS        
90-0252/AK	F-15E	        90th FS          
90-0802/WW	F-16CJ	        14th FS "35FW"   
90-0803/WW	F-16CJ	        14th FS "14FS"   
165882/NH-106	F/A-18F	        VFA-41           
165883/NH-107	F/A-18F	        VFA-41           
158913/913	P-3C	        VP-40            
I-FBAX		C-27J	        Alenia Aerospazio
N707AR		B707-321B	Omega Air

470/93-CA	C-135FR		ERV00.093	3rd
735/93-CG	C-135FR		ERV00.093	20th

Local aircraft:
752, 753	KC-135R		RSiAF/112sq
710, 712	F27-0502	RSiAF/121sq
714, 715        F50ME2S		RSiAF/121sq
716, 718	F50ME2S		RSiAF/121sq

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