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Hoedspruit 2007

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Date: 7 July 2007

Made by:


4004 			A109 			19sq
405, 406 		C-130BZ 		28sq
3011 			Ce208A 			41sq
7111 			Harvard MkIIA 		Swartkop Mus. HF
2002, 2003, 2013 	PC-7 Mk II 		CFS
2036, 2055 		PC-7 Mk II 		CFS
1223 			TP-1 Oryx 		19sq
277 			Vampire T55-2 		Swartkop Mus. HF
ZU-DMD 			Mirage 3BZ 		ex 817
ZU-DME 			Mirage 3CZ 		ex 800
ZU-IMP 			MB326M 			ex 479
ZU-TEE 233150 		L-39 			ex 37 yl/UkraineAF
Z .-... 		Mirage F1AZ 		ex 233

Flying only:
377 			Cheetah C 		2sq
259, 261, 268 		Hawk Mk120 		85 CFS
This was a perfectly organised air show with beautiful weather,
temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and some great
aircraft. Rather unique was the formation of the Mirages 3BC,
3CB and F1AZ. The Mirage F1 also brought a bit of joy by
creating a sonic boom (at 10 km altitude) earlier that day and
by displaying with full afterburner at dawn.

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