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Lanseria 1981

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Date: 7-10 October 1981

Made by:


74 		Alouette III 		17Sqdn
133 		Puma 			19Sqdn
206 		Mirage F1CZ 		3Sqdn
416 		Buccaneer S50 		24Sqdn
839 		Mirage IIIDZ 		85AFS
971 		Kudu 			41Sqdn
1052 		Impala II 		4Sqdn
1054 		Impala II 		4Sqdn

021 		Mig 17 			Mozambique A/F (pilot defected 8/7/81)
107 		Alouette III 		17Sqdn
140 		Puma 			19Sqdn
156 		Puma 			19Sqdn
167 		Puma 			19Sqdn
186 		Puma 			19Sqdn
??? 		Mirage F1CZ 		3Sqdn
??? 		Mirage IIIDZ 		85AFS
??? 		C-130B 			28Sqdn
413 		Buccaneer S50 		24Sqdn
486/2 		Impala I 		Silver Falcons
489/4 		Impala I 		Silver Falcons
494/3 		Impala I 		Silver Falcons
524/1 		Impala I 		Silver Falcons
516/- 		Impala I 		Silver Falcons
1002 		Impala II
1073 		Impala II 		4Sqdn
7688 		Harvard

WG354 		Chipmunk T10 		(also flew)
XT553 		Sioux AH1
WV203 		Whirlwind
277 		Vampire T55
361 		Sabre 6
"VD+TD" 	Storch 			(also flew)
PT672 		Spitfire IXE 		(also flew)

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