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Waterkloof 2012

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Waterkloof Africa Aerospace & Defence Show
Date: 19-22 September 2012
CSX62127 C-27J nn  
4009 A109 87 HFS  
401 C-130BZ0 28sq  
3012 Ce208A 41sq  
8010 C212-200 44sq  
6814 C-47TP 35sq  
260 Hawk Mk120 85 CFS  
18 JAS39C 2sq  
1238 TP-1 Oryx 22sq  
2050 PC-7 CFS  
678 Rooivalk Mk1 16sq  
7072 Harvard MkIIA Museum HF  
7111 Harvard MkIIA Museum HF  
95-0105 C-17A 137th AS NY ANG  
58-0049 KC-135T 171st ARS MI ANG  
167112/BH KC-130J VMGR-252  
D2-THE B777-3M2ER TAAG Angola AL  
F-WWEQ ATR-72-600 ATR 1030
N79XL Ce560XL Cessna Aircraft  
N407AH Bell 407AH Bell Textron  
N490AS UH-1H-II Overseas Aircraft Inc.  
N550GD G550 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N1459 Beech 350ER Hawker Beechcraft  
V5-HPB EC145 Namibia Police  
ZU-CXV Harvard MkIIA Museum HF ex 7001
ZU-IMP/79 MB-326M ex 479  
ZS-AOA Bae-125-800A Netcare 911  
ZS-HHL AW139 nn  
ZS-JGC G.1159C Midnight storm invest  
ZS-SEB Falcon 10 nn  
Flight line/far side:
3005 Ce208A 41 Sq  
861 Cheetah B pres $
6840 C-47TP 35 Sq $
266. 269 Hawk Mk120 85 CFS  
9 JAS39D 2 Sq  
19,22 JAS39C 2 Sq  
2021C, 2703J K-8 2sq  
N72FT P-51D ex USAAF 44-74494  
ZS-AUB DC-4 SAA historic flight  
ZU-DNW L-29    
Plus 6 pc-7s of the CFS coded 1 till 6
Flight lines/show side:
1208, 1212 TP-1 Oryx 87 HFS  
C-130 Line:
402, 403 C-130BZ 28sq  
405, 406 C-130BZ 29sq  
628 SA316B Museum HF  
175 SA330L Museum HF  
380, 387 BK-117 15sq  
8021 C212-300 44 Sq  
1208, 1223 TP-1 Oryx 17sq  
1228, 1246 TP-1 Oryx 17sq  
670, 672 Rooivalk Mk1 16sq  
ZS-HUX Bo105CBS-4 Police  
ZS-RGT AS350B-3 Police  
ZS-TRG MD-87 1 time  
ZS-SXA A340-313X South African 23
ZS-SXD A340-313X South African 22
ZU-DFH Vampire T55 ex 277  
ZU-VMP Vampire T55 ex Swiss U-1214  
VIP Fleet Hangar:
ZS-RSA B737-7ED 21sq  
ZS-CAQ, ZS-CAS Falcon 50 21sq  
C-130 Hangar:
411 +1 C-130BZ 28sq  
Air transport Maintence Hangar:
-409 C-130BZ 28sq (stripped)
3001, 3003 Ce208A 41sq  
$ special colours


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