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Ysterplaat 2008

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Date: 20 September 2008

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At the conclusion of the bi-annual African Aerospace & Defence
exhibition, an airshow was organised at Ysterplaat Air Base
near Cape Town. Whereas the exhibition highlighted the leading
position of South Africa in the continent with many foreign
participation, the airshow was an exclusive domestic event with
the welcome exception of Zimbabwean (and US) participation.
Thanks to the official handover to the Air Force of the first four
Gripens on the 17th the SAAF was able to demonstrate fighter
aircraft. The only other fighters flying being the impressive
Thundercity Buccaneer, Hunter and Lightnings.

One of the Lightnings even made a supersonic pass demonstrating
the sonic boom to spectators and the neighbouring area.

AFB Ysterplaat is home to 22sq with Oryx and Lynx 300 as well
as 35 sq with about ten C-47TPs, five of which had diverted to
Cape Town International airport during the show. The single
runway has a north-south orientation making photography the
first half of the flying display very difficult. The log below gives
the aircraft noted on 20 September with some additional aircraft
noted on the 17th. The display halls remained closed during the

Static behind hangars:
03 			JAS39D 		2sq               
2010 		        PC-7 MkII 	CFS 2 ASU display 
73-3300 	        LC-130H 	139th AS NY ANG   
HB-JSZ 		        Falcon 7X 	nn 		17   
ZS-RZA                  EC130B4 	Air Merci Service 
ZS-RZR                  AS350B2 	HeliMax 	17
ZS-SBB                  B737-3Y0(F) 	SA Cargo          

Static between hangars:
93 			Wasp HAS1 	SAAF Museum       
193 		        Lynx 300 	22sq              
4021 		        A109 		17sq              
ZS-CTE 		        EC130B4 	nn 		17
ZS-EOS                  AW139 		nn                
ZS-OER                  Enstrom 280FX 	nn 		17
ZS-RSN                  EC120B 		nn, c/n 1372      
ZS-RXC                  Enstrom 480B 	nn 		17
AW139 ZS-EOS was later moved to the flightline for the air

Static in front of hangars:
213 			Mirage F1CZ 	SAAF Museum           
250 		        Hawk Mk120 	TFDC                  
857 		        Mirage 3DZ 	SAAF Museum           
N136MJ 		        Beech 1900D 	nn later to flightline
N208GH                  Ce208B 		nn 		17              
N60979                  PA-46R-350T 	nn              17    
N951XP                  Beech 400 	nn              17    
ZS-BCI                  TBM-850 	nn              17    
ZS-DDM                  Premier I 	nn              17    
ZS-PVX                  B727-2N6 	Paramt Logistics      
ZS-HAL                  Bell 407 	nn                    
ZS-HCH                  R44 		nn                    
ZS-PHG                  PAC-750XL 	nn                    
ZS-PMV                  GA8 Airvan 	nn                    
ZU-BOI                  Mi-24V 		ATE, c/n 3532421809222  
(later moved to the flightline for a flying display)

Temporary shelter:
1202 			TP-1 Oryx 	22sq
681 		        AH-2A Rooivalk 	16sq

Inside Halls:
... 			MB326M 		nose only, Silver Falcons c/s (now simulator)
02 		        MB326M 		nose only (now simulator)                    
1237 		        TP-1 Oryx 	nn                                           
ZS-HMV 		        A109S 		nn                                           
ZS-HRV 		        AW119Ke 	nn                                           

SAAF museum display:
75 			C-47TP 		35sq for Museum
314 		        SA321L 		SAAF Museum    
372                     Sabre Mk6 	SAAF Museum    
460                     MB326M 		SAAF Museum    
896                     P166S 		SAAF Museum    
1722 		        Shackleton MR3 	SAAF Museum    
6832/OD-K 	        C-47A 		SAAF Museum    
7293 		        Harvard IIA 	SAAF Museum    
WV224 		        Whirlwind 22 	SAAF Museum    

01, 02 			JAS39D 		2sq 		17                
04 		        JAS39D 		2sq                   
28 		        C-47TP 		35sq 		17               
191, 192, 194 	        Lynx 300 	22sq                
271, 272 	        Hawk Mk120 	85 CFS special c/s
382 		        BK117A-3 	15sq                
406, 409 	        C-130BZ 	28sq                 
408 		        C-130BZ 	28sq 		17              
675 		        AH-2A Rooivalk 	16sq          
2018/2, 2020/-, 2023/1 	PC-7 MkII 	Silver Falcons
2024/3, 2025/4, 2027/5 	PC-7 MkII 	Silver Falcons
3001, 3002, 3003, 3004 	Ce208		41sq
3005, 3008, 3009, 3011 	Ce208 		41sq
7231 			Harvard IIA 	SAAF Museum
8021 			C212-300 	44sq
2068N/68, 2106G/06 	K-8 		2sq/Zimbabwe AF
N407CJ 			Ce525A (CJ2) 	nn 		17   
ZS-EXT                  Extra 300 	NW Province
ZS-SRW                  EMB120 		nn 		17         
ZU-AYS/7475 		Harvard III 	Harvard display tm  
ZU-BMC/7609             Harvard III 	Harvard display tm  
ZU-BEU/7188             Harvard MkIIA 	Harvard display tm
ZU-BET/7695             AT-6C 		Harvard display tm        
ZU-EXT 			Extra 300 	NW Province
ZU-PUM                  SA330L 		Cobham        
ZU-TEE                  L-39C 		nn, c/n 232150      
During the day code "2" was applied to PC-7 2020 when it replaced
2018 in the second sortie. The Silver Falcons had their
special c/s applied only a few weeks before the show.

Grass near flightline:
40, 77 			C-47TP 		35sq grey c/s
45 			C-47TP 		std blue/grey c/s
52, 85 			C-47TP 		35sq white/grey c/s
650, 652 		Beech 200C 	41sq
8030 			PC-12M 		41sq
812 			C212-200 	3sq/Zimbabwe AF
ZS-RXG 			AS350B3 	SOS Air Rescue Afr.
ZS-RZV 			AS350B3 	Police Air Wing

Grass opposite of runway (nearly all flying):
4003, 4006, 4008 	A109 		17sq
4010, 4020 		A109 		17sq
381 			BK117A-3 	15sq
1217, 1223 		TP-1 Oryx 	17sq
1229 			TP-1 Oryx 	22sq
1234, 1235 		TP-1 Oryx 	22sq
1238 			TP-1 Oryx 	22sq arctic c/s

Flying from Cape Town IAP:
63-7792/RS 		C-130E 		37th AS
63-7825/RS 		C-130E 		37th AS
HZ-WBT7 		B747-4J6 	Kingdom
ZS-SIF		 	B737-244(F) 	SA Cargo
ZS-SNC 			A340-642 	SA Airways         
ZU-AUJ                  Hunter F6 	Thunder City, ex XE653   
ZU-AVI                  Buccaneer S2B 	Thunder City, ex XW988
ZU-BEW                  Lightning F6 	Thunder City, ex XR773/BR
ZU-BEY                  Lightning F6 	Thunder City, ex XP693   

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