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Osan 2006

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Date: 14/15 October 2006

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80-0217/OS		OA-10A		25th FS	"7AF"      
86-0083/OS	        C-12J	        55th AF       
05-5151/HH	        C-17A	        15th AW       
74-2133/YJ	        C-130H	        36th AS       
88-1803		        MC-130H	        1st SOS       
89-2020/OS	        F-16CG	        36thFS	"51FW"
01-05251	        AH-64D	        B/4-2nd AVN   
158811/NF-503	        EA-6B	        VAQ-136       
163140/VE-201	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-115      
163175/VE-213	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-115      
80-514		        F-4E	        17FW/156FS    
10-613		        KF-5F	        10FW/101FS    
92-044		        KF-16D	        19FW/155FS    
01620		        HH-60P	        6SRG/233CSRS  
04-001		        HH-32A	        6SRG/235SRS   
30-082		        CN235-100M	5TAW/256TAS
04-080		        KT-1		3TW                
05-001		        T-50		nn                 

90-0802/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS     
90-0820/WW		F-16CJ	        14th FS     
165894/NF-100		F/A-18F	        VFA-102     
165890/NF-114		F/A-18F	        VFA-102     
02-031			KT-1	        3TW         
10-794/1, 96-440/2	A-37B	        Black Eagles
87-961/3, 87-960/4	A-37B	        Black Eagles
96-341/5, 01-277/6 +"8"	A-37B	        Black Eagles

Flying only:
80-0165/OS		A-10A		25th FS       
80-0243/OS, 80-0245/OS	OA-10A	        25th FS       
80-0253/OS		OA-10A	        25th FS       
86-0078/OS		C-12J	        55th AF       
88-0538/OS, 89-2139/OS	F-16CG	        36th FS       
89-2136/OS		F-16CG	        36th FS	"36FS"
89-2140/OS		F-16CG	        36th FS       
91-26401/ZZ		HH-60G	        33rd RQS      

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