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Albacete 2005

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Date: 8 May 2005

Made by: Scramble, Paul Coppin, Tom McGhee, Hans van der Vlist, Frank van der Avoort, Kevin Brewer, Graham Court


AE.9-014/23-07		SF-5B+			Ala 23          
C.14-04/14-02	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14  
CE.14-31/14-72	        Mirage F1BM	        Ala 14  
C.15-24/15-11	        EF-18A+		        Ala 15  
C.16-21/11-01	        EF2000		        Ala 11  
E.22-05/42-34	        Beech C90	        Grupo 42
E.24A-12/42-21	        Beech F33C	        Grupo 42
HD.21-2		        AS332B		        803 Esc 
P.3-11/22-34	        P-3B		        Grupo 22
TK.10-07/31-52	        KC-130H		        Ala 31  
T.12B-33/72-04	        C212-100	        721 Esc 
T.21-03/35-41	        C295M		        353 Esc 
UD.13-24/43-24	        CL-215T		        Grupo 43

E36/314-UF		Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314       
E152/314-LO	        Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314       
C.14-47/14-27	        Mirage F1M		Ala 14		spec mks
C.14C-76/14-52	        Mirage F1EDA		stored  
C.14C-79/14-55	        Mirage F1EDA		stored  
C.14C-80/14-56	        Mirage F1EDA		stored  
C.15-38/15-25	        EF-18A+			Ala 15                  
CE.16-03/11-72	        EF2000(T)		Ala 11          
E.25-01/79-01/6	        C101EB			Patrulla Aquila         
E.25-06/79-06/7	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-13/79-13/4	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-14/79-14/1	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-21/79-21/2	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-23/79-23/5	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-26/79-26/3	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
E.25-27/79-27/-	        C101EB	                Patrulla Aquila
HE.25-2/78-21	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
HE.25-5/78-24	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
HE.25-6/78-25	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
HE.25-7/78-26	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
HE.25-8/78-27	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
HE.25-9/78-28	        EC120B	                782 Esc        
T.12C-61/47-11	        C212-100		Grupo 47        
T.12B-26/72-02	        C212-100		721 Esc         
UD.13-16/43-16	        CL-215T			Grupo 43                

Hangar display:
C.14-90/14-48		Mirage F1M		Ala 14

Hangar (closed):
C.14-37/14-19		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-40/14-21	        Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14C-74/14-50	        Mirage F1EDA		stored

Hangar (part open):
CE.14C-85/14-74		Mirage F1DDA		stored
CE.14C-86/14-75		Mirage F1DDA		stored
(C.14-14), (C.14-08)	Mirage F1M		stored 
The last two Mirages were cocooned in paper.

Maintenance hangar 9:
C.14-18/14-12		Mirage F1M		Ala 14         
C.14-20/14-13	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         
C.14-34/14-17	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14		stored?
C-14-57/14-32	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         
C.14-63/14-36	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         
C.14-68/14-40	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         
C.14-72/14-44	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         
C.14-91/14-49	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14         

Shelter near tower:
C.14-89/14-47		Mirage F1M		Ala 14

Shelter near storage area (open):
CE.14-87/14-73		Mirage F1BM		Ala 14

QRA shelters:
2x			Mirage F1		Ala 14

Maestranza hangars:
AR.09-064/212-64	SRF-5A			fusel. only	outside  
CE.14-27/14-70		Mirage F1BM	        Ala 14                   
CE.14-30/(14-71)	Mirage F1BM	        Ala 14                   
C.14-41/(14-22)		Mirage F1M	        Ala 14		tiger mks
C.14-44/14-44	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14                   
C.14-64/(14-37)	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14                   
C.14-66/(14-38)	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14                   
C.14-70/(14-42)	        Mirage F1M	        Ala 14		spec mks 
C.14-73/(14-45) +1	Mirage F1M	        Ala 14                   
C.14C-75/14-51		Mirage F1EDA 	        		stored?  
UD.13-15/431-15		CL-215T		        Grupo 43                 
UD.13-21/43-21 +2	CL-215T		        Grupo 43                 

C.14-23/(14-23)		Mirage F1CE	
C.14-50/14-28		Mirage F1M	
(C.14-65)/462-14	Mirage F1EE	
C.14-69/14-41		Mirage F1M	
E.25-..			C101EB	
(UE.17-2), (UE.17-3)	Omnipol L-13	
(UE.17-5)		Omnipol L-13	
UD.13-29/43-29		CL-215T			wreckage
The serials of the last three L-13 Blaniks are 'educated guesses'.

C.14-33 "C.14-91/14-91" Mirage F1M		pres
(C.14C-82) "C.14-01"	Mirage F1		nr tower "14-01"
"C.14-91/14-91"		Mirage F1		near tower
E.3B-174 "E.3B-521"	CASA C1131H		west gate
E.15-30/41-40		T-33A			gate
(E.25-04) "E.25-22/79-22" C101EB		west gate

Departing before the open day:
C.14-01/14-01		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-16/14-10		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-38/14-20		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-42/14-23		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-43/14-24		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-88/14-46		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
T.10-02/31-02		C-130H			Ala 31

Departing after the open day:
C.14-../14-07		Mirage F1M		Ala 14
C.14-../14-14		Mirage F1M		Ala 14

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