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Barcelona 2000

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Date: 19/20 November 2000

Made by:

Updated: 29 May 2001

PP-XRT/6751	R-99B		BrazilAF, c/n 145154
5501		L-139		Aero					
91-1239		C-130H		165th AS KY ANG
82-0024/FF	F-15C		94th FS
83-0019/FF	F-15C		27th FS
0562, 2544	AS532A		Gr 10
3312		AS332B2		VenezuelaAF
2540		Beech 200	Gr 5
3150		Beech 200	Gr 5, 20th only
8747		B707-384C	Gr 6, spec c/s
"1511"		Canberra B82	preserved
1964		C-26A		Gr 5, 20th only
2716, 3134	C-130H		Gr 6, spec c/s	
5320		C-130H		Gr 6
3260		F-16A		Gr 16
9494		OV-10A		Gr 15
ARV-0306	AB212ASW	Armada
ARV-0401	C212MR		Armada
EV-8437		AS-61A-4	Ejercito
EV-9960		PZL M-28	Ejercito, 20th only
GN-7428		Beech 58	Guardia Nacional, 20th only
GN-8197		CeU206G		Guardia Nacional, 20th only
GN-96107	PZL M-28	Guardia Nacional, 20th only
GN-97105	PZL M-28	Guardia Nacional
GN-97121	PZL M-28	Guardia Nacional
GN-98126	PZL M-26	Guardia Nacional

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