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Cuatro Vientos 1978

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Date: 29 June 1978

Made by: Airshows 1978 (Midland Counties Publications), Ralph Lunt


Z.7-10/751-1          AB47G-2          751 Esc 
z.7-12/751-3          AB47G-2          751 Esc 
Z.7-13/751-4          AB47G-2          751 Esc 
Z.7-14/751-5          AB47G-2          751 Esc 
Z.7B-16/751-6         AB47G-3B         751 Esc 
Z.7B-17/751-7         AB47G-3B         751 Esc 
Z.7B-18/751-8         AB47G-3B         751 Esc          w/o during show 
Z.7B-20/751-10        AB47G-3B         751 Esc 
Z.7B-21/751-11        AB47G-3B         751 Esc 
Z.7B-22/-             AB47G-3B         751 Esc          w/o during show 
Z.7A-33/751-14        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-36/751-17        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-42/751-23        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-44/751-25        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-45/751-26        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-46/751-27        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-49/-             OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-50/751-31        OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-51/-             OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.7A-52/-             OH-13H-BF        751 Esc 
Z.10B-37/752-10       UH-1H            752 Esc 
Z.10B-38/752-11       UH-1H            752 Esc 
Z.10B-39/752-12       UH-1H            752 Esc 
Z.10-7/EC-SSJ         AB205            803 Esc/SAR 
Z.10-9/EC-SSL         AB205            803 Esc/SAR 
Z.10-12/EC-SSO        AB205            803 Esc/SAR 
Z.10B-52/EC-STL       UH-1H            803 Esc/SAR 
Z.11-1/EC-SSA         AB47J-3B-1       803 Esc/SAR 
Z.11-3/EC-SSC         AB47J-3B-1       803 Esc/SAR 
Z.12-3/EC-SSQ         AB206A-1         803 Esc/SAR 
Z.16-3/EC-STG         Alouette III     803 Esc/SAR 
Z.19-4/EC-STQ/3       Puma             Unidado Especial de Helicopteros (UEH) 
Z.19-5/EC-STR/0       Puma             Unidado Especial de Helicopteros (UEH) 
L.9-53/403-24         Do27             403 Esc 
L.9-73/403-22         Do27             403 Esc 
L.9-75/403-23         Do27             403 Esc 
TR.12A-5/403-13       C212             403 Esc 
TR.12A-6/403-14       C212             403 Esc 
TR.12A-7/403/15       C212             403 Esc 

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