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Morón 20076

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Date: 28/29 April 2007

Made by:


H-84			Bell 212	GA7      
E-125	                EMB312A		EAM              
A-558	                IA-58A		G3A		25yrs mks
A-815	                AT-63		G4C              
E-207	                MS760		for MNA          
PG-312, PG-313		PA-28RT-201	INAC
PG-450			PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-457	                PA-31		INAC        
PG-321	                PA-A34-220T	INAC

2x			A-4AR		G5C             
H-88	                Bell 212	GA7     
TC-69	                C-130H		G1TA		paradrop
PG-395	                CeA150		INAC            
PG-344, PG-350		CeA182J		INAC
PG-355			CeA182J		RACE       
PG-380	                CeA182N		INAC       
TC-55	                F28-1000C	GA1
2x	                H369		GA7        
A-551, A-575		IA-58A		G3A
A-593, A-598		IA-58A		G3A
A-504, A-580, A-583	IA-58D		G3A
1x			IA-63                       
2x	                Mirage 3EA	G6C		29th
1x	                IAI M5 Finger	G6C		28th
1x	                IAI M5 Dagg.T	G6C		28th
E-202	                MS760		GA4		28th        
PG-434	                PA-A25-235	INAC        
PG-447, PG-448		PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-449			PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-322, PG-323		PA-A34-220T	INAC
AE-454 +1		UH-1H		Ejercito
AE-461			UH-1H-II	Ejercito
LV-ZRA			A340		Aerolineas Arg.	29th
1x			B737-200	Aerolineas Arg	28th

PG-433			PA-A25-235	INAC
PG-441, PG-444		PA-A28-236	INAC
MSAS stands for Ministerio de Salud y Acción Social.

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