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Morón 2008

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Date: 5 November 2008

Made by:


PG-395 		CeA150L 	INAC     
PG-396          Ce206 		INAC       
PG-433          PA-AR25-235 	INAC 
PG-448          PA-A28-236 	INAC  
PG-313          PA-A28RT-201 	INAC
VR-22 		PA-31T 		INAC
LV-WTX 		B737-281	CIATA i/a

PG-344 		CeA182J 	INAC    
PG-361          CeA182K 	INAC    
PG-365          CeA182J 	INAC    
PG-377          CeA182N 	INAC    
PG-434          PA-AR25-235 	INAC
5x 		PA-A28 		INAC
PG-321, PG-323 	PA-34 		INAC
Argentina operates some FMA built Cessnas and Chincul built
Piper variants, hence the ‘A’ and ‘AR’ suffixes

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