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Morón 2009

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Date: 2/3 May 2009

Made by:


H-81		Bell 212	GA7
H-86/UN-136	Bell 212	GA7
TC-69		KC-130H		G1TA
B-109		Canberra B62	MNA Morón
PG-396		CeA150		INAC
PG-361		CeA182K		INAC
PG-377		CeA182K		INAC
P-05		DHC-2		MNA Morón
E-129		EMB312A		EAM
T-50		F28-1000	AAP
Ee-122		Fw44J		MNA Morón
H-16		UH-1H		MNA Morón
AX-01		IA-58		MNA Morón
A-577		IA-58D		G3A
A-588		IA-58D		G3A
TC-100		L-100-30	G1TA
C-423		IAI M5 Finger	G6C
C-712		Mirage 3CJ	MNA Morón
PG-433		PA-A25-235	INAC
PG-434		PA-A25-235	INAC
PG-441		PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-444		PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-447		PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-450		PA-A28-236	INAC
PG-312		PA-28RT-201	INAC
PG-313		PA-28RT-201	INAC
VR-22		PA-31P-425	INAC
PG-321		PA-A34-220T	INAC
T-133		RC500U		VI BA
T-31		Saab 340B	LADE
E-822		AT-63		G4C
PA-41		AS565MA		PNA
AE-432		UH-1H		EA
LV-HAF		N2S-5		as ‘USN 608’
LV-WNP		Bell 222
LV-WTX		B737-281	CIATA
(LV-YGC)	BAe125
CX-BLJ		Ce337

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