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Moron 1999

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Date: 21 April 1999

Made by:


A-557    	IA-58A         		IIIBA
BS-02    	SA-16          		Museo Nacional de Aeron utica
C-207    	A-4P           		Museo Nacional de Aeron utica (ex VBA)
C-322    	A-4C           		Museo Nacional de Aeron utica (ex VBA) 
PG-312   	PA-28RT-201    		INAC
PG-323   	PA-A-34-220T   		INAC
PG-377   	CeA182N(F)     		INAC
PG-443   	PA-A-28-236    		INAC
PG-446   	PA-A-28-236    		INAC
PGH-02   	RH500D         		INAC
TC-61    	C-130H         		IBA
AE-338   	A109A          		EAEA602
AE-443   	UH-1H          		GHA601
GN-805   	PC-6B          		Gendarmer¡a
GN-909   	RH500C        		Gendarmer¡a
PA-72    	C212M-300      		Prefectura Naval        
715      	CeU206H        		Fuerza A rea Uruguaya
CC-CLC   	AS350          		Copter
LQ-LAP   	Bo105A          	Polic¡a Federal
LV-OMH   	Bo105CBS       		Buenos Aires Povincial Police
LV-AMS   	Ce152-II       		Centro Universitario de Aviacion
LV-AOE   	Ce152-II       		Aeroclub Argentino
LV-AYS   	PA- Archer II  		Aeroclub Dalale
LV-JLR   	PA- Navajo     		Chincul
LV-LMI   	PA- Arrow II   		Aeroclub Argentino
LV-OBP   	PA- Tomahawk   		Aeroclub Dalale
LV-WJX   	Bo105CBS-4          	Amil Internacional SA
LV-WYH   	Citation Bravo 		Aviaser/Cessna 
LV-WZH   	PZL-106BT      		Pezetel                     
LV-YNC   	Ce Skylane     		Aviaser/Cessna
LV-ZIV   	MS-552         		Aeroclub Argentino
N12652   	Grand Caravan  		Aviaser/Cessna

Static indoors:
LV-WTT        	Bell 407      		La Macarena
LV-ZOX        	Schw300CB     		Helicenter
LV-WXA        	A109C			n.n.
LV-WFR        	BN-2                    "Club de Campo El Faro"
LV-ZOM       	PA- Archer III
LV-ZPG        	PA- Malibu Mirage
LV-YQA        	PA- Seneca V            "Mi Tesoro SA"
LV-WJZ        	R22B 			Hangar Uno
LV-WMU, LV-ZOT  R44			n.n.

AC-108        	Su-29AR       		IVBA
PG-434        	AR-25-235     		INAC
1x            	C-130         		IBA
N758CX        	Citation X    		Cessna

H-86          	Bell 212      		VIIBA
AE-441        	UH-1H         		GHA601?
GN-919       	HB350         		Gendarmer¡a
LQ-ARV        	Bo105S         		Polic¡a Federal
LV-VFF       	Bell 206B		Helijet SA
LV-WXS        	Bell 407      		America TV
LV-ZON        	B737-700      		LAPA         "Regulus"

AC-101, AC-104  Su-29AR       		IVBA
AC-106 +1       Su-29AR       		IVBA
PG-321, PG-322  PA-A-34-220T  		INAC
PG-350, PG-355  CeA182J(F)    		INAC
PG-361          CeA182K(F)    		INAC
PGH-04          RH500D        		INAC
T-42            F27-400       		ex FAA     derelict
LV-UX059        Streak Shadow
LV-XXM          T-23
LV-YIA          R44          		"Mi Tesoro SA"

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