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Moron 2010

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Date: 30 April - 2 May 2010

Made by:


A-905, A-907 		A-4AR 		G5C
A-909 			A-4AR 		G5C
E-034, E-047, E-085 	Beech B45 	EAM
E-091, E-096 		Beech B45 	EAM
H-89 +2 		Bell 212 	GA7
TC-56 			C-130B 		G1TA
TC-61 			C-130H 		G1TA
TC-69, TC-70 		KC-130H 	G1TA
E-104, E-116, E-122 	EMB312A 	EAM
T-50 			F28-1000 	GA1
TC-55 			F28-1000C 	GA1
... x2 			RH500 		GA7
A-534, A-577 		IA-58D 		G3A
A-580, A-582 		IA-58D 		G3A
T-25 			Lj35A 		GA2
I-018 +1 		Mirage 3EA 	G6C
... M5 			Finger 		G6C
PG-434 			PA-A25-235 	INAC
PG-444, PG-448 		PA-A28-236 	INAC
VR-22 			PA-31P 		INAC
PG-322 			PA-A34-220T 	INAC
T-32, T-33 		Saab 340B 	LADE
E-817, E-821, E-822 	AT-63 		G4C
AC-101, AC-103 		Su-29AR 	Cruz del Sur
AE-446 			UH-1H 		GHA601
2800 			C-105A 		1°/9°GAv
1308/5, 1326/2 		T-27 		EDA Fumaça
1358/4, 1371/1 		T-27 		EDA Fumaça
1381/6, 1434/7 		T-27 		EDA Fumaça
1435/3 			T-27 		EDA Fumaça
LV-CAM 			B737-73V 	Aerolíneas Arg
LV-WJX 			Bo105CBS-4
LV-ZPW 			BAe3201
PT-PUA 			Beech D17S
More aircraft were present, especially from INAC, but not identified.
The event started on 30 April as the Bautismo de Fuego Malvinas, which 
saw a parade; all were presumably present the day after. The Pampas 
and Pucaras operated out of El Palomar from 27 until 29 April.

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