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Salamanca 1984

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Date: 20 May 1984

Made by:


HD21-3 			AS332B 		Esc803
E20-1/423-26	        Beech B55 	Esc423
E24A-25/421-42 	        Beech F33C 	Esc421
T9-30/371-10	        C-7A 		Esc371
TK10-11/312-05 	        KC-130H 	Esc312
E25-39/412-28	        CASA 101EB 	Esc421
T12B-30/744-30 	        CASA 212 	Esc744
TE12B-42/744-42         CASA 212 	Esc744
UD13-12/432-12 	        CL-215 		Esc432
U9-47/407-22	        Do27 		Esc407
C12-33/121-17	        F-4C 		Esc121
AR9-068/212-68 	        SRF-5A 		Esc212
C11-22/112-11	        Mirage IIIEE 	Esc112
C14-17/141-17	        Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
P3-5/221-24	        P-3C 		Esc221

T12B-66/721-66 		CASA 212 	Esc721
T12B-16/744-16 		CASA 212 	Esc744
T12B-25/744-25 		CASA 212 	Esc744
T12B-34/744-34 		CASA 212 	Esc744
T12B-51/744-51 		CASA 212 	Esc744
T12B-13/745-13 		CASA 212	Esc745
T12B-46/745-46 		CASA 212	Esc745
T12B-50/745-50 		CASA 212	Esc745
T12B-67/745-67 		CASA 212	Esc745
C14-3/141-03		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-20/141-20		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-21/141-21		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-22/141-22		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-33/141-28		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-36/141-31		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141
C14-40/142-35		Mirage F1CE 	Esc141

Flightline by static:
HD16-7 			Alouette III 	Esc803   
TK10-7/312-03	        KC-130H 	Esc312 
T12C-59/352-59 	        CASA 212 	Esc352
HT19-1/402-01	        SA330C 	Esc402  

Flying only:
E25-33/412-25 		CASA 101 	Esc412
E25-80/412-44 		CASA 101 	Esc412
E25-82/412-45 		CASA 101 	Esc412
E25-65/411-13 		CASA 101 	Esc411
UD13-17/431-17 		CL-215 		Esc431
C12-8/122-04 		F-4C 		Esc122
C12-10/122-05		F-4C 		Esc122
C12-30/122-15		F-4C 		Esc122
AE9-009/732-9 		SF-5B 		Esc732
AE9-015/732-15 		SF-5B 		Esc732
AE9-017/732-17 		SF-5B 		Esc732
AE9-023/731-23 		SF-5B 		Esc731
AE9-025/731-25 		SF-5B 		Esc731
C11-3/111-02 		Mirage IIIEE 	Esc111
C11-5/111-03 		Mirage IIIEE 	Esc111
C11-4/112-02 		Mirage IIIEE 	Esc112
C11-06/112-03 		Mirage IIIEE 	Esc112

T12B-65/745-65 		CASA 212 	Esc745
E18-1/744-01 		PA-31 		Esc744
E18-02/744-02		PA-31 		Esc744

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