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Sevilla Móron 2023

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Moron (Spain)

Open Day

13 May 2023

C.16-23/11-23 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-33/11-33 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-52/11-52 EF2000 Ala 11 #10001
C.16-53/11-53 EF2000 Ala 11 #10002
CE.16-03/11-03 EF2000(T) Ala 11  
P.3M-08/22-31 P-3M ex EdA  
HU.26-02/09-302 EC135T2 Guardia Civil  
HA.18-4/01-308 AB212ASW Eslla 003  
HS.23-12/01-1012 SH60B Eslla 010  
HT.23-13/01-1014 SH60F Eslla 010  #10013
VA.1B-26/01-916 EAV-8B+ Eslla 009  digit 2 faded both sides
T.19B-22/09-502 CN235M VIGMA Guardia Civil  
EC-LTT EC135PT Policia  
Plus lots of civil Tecnams etc.      
Flow barns Row 1 Static:
C.16-27/11-27 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-55/11-55 EF2000 Ala 11 #10004
CE.16-09/11-09 EF2000(T) Ala 11  
CE.16-14/11-14 EF2000(T) Ala 11 #10015
Row 2:
completely empty       
Row 3 used for flying area:
C.16-25/11-25 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-35/11-35 EF2000 Ala 11 *
C.16-43/11-43 EF2000 Ala 11 *
C.16-46/11-46 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-57/11-57 EF2000 Ala 11 #10012
C.16-63/11-63 EF2000 Ala 11 #10048, *
CE.16-06/11-06 EF2000(T) Ala 11 *
CE.16-12/14-12 EF2000(T) Ala 11 #10000
EC-HGL Su31 civil *
EC-IPL Cessna FTB337G Civil ex FAP 3719, *
EC-NQT Cessna Bird Dog 01E Civil as US Army 61-01295, *

aircraft marked with an * also flew

Outside flow barns:
F-GGYB Cap10B civil  
Flight Line:
HE.25-02/782-02 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1140
HE.25-03/782-03 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1150
HE.25-09/782-09 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1198
HE.25-10/78-29 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1210
HE.25-12/78-31 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1222
HE.25-13/782-13 EC120B Patrulla Aspa 1223
TK.23-03/31-23 A400M Ala 31  #10076
On the ramp:
(91-0)345/SW F-16CM 77FS/20FW  
(91-0)398/SW F-16CM 79FS/20FW  
(91-0353)/SW F-16CM 77FS/20FW 77FS, Red Tail
(91-0376)/SW F-16CM 77FS/20FW  
(92-3920)/SW F-16CM 20FW 20FW, multi
(93-0)536/SW F-16CM 77FS/20FW  
(93-0544)/SW F-16CM 77FS/20FW  
(93-0546)/SW F-16CM 55FS/20FW  
(00-0224)/SW F-16CM 79FS/20FW  
P.3-03/221-22 P-3A ex EdA  
Preserved roundabout on-base:
C.5-231/151-21 F-86F ex EdA  
Preserved on pole:
A9-038/212-38 SF-5A ex EdA  
AR9-060/21-55 SRF-5A ex EdA  
C.10B-52/214-52 HA200D ex EdA  
Across the far side the Albatross tail could be seen (not required) and a P-3 Orion which I would assume is the stored P.3-11 (not required).       

Credits: Ben Sadler

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