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Tablada 1988

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Date: 8 May 1988

Made by: John Dyer, SEAR


B2-1-25 	CASA 2111
E14A-9 		HA200
C4K-162 	Ha1112
T7-16/405-16 	CASA 207
T12B-23/72-01 	CASA 212A 	Ala72
TE12B-9/79-91 	CASA 212AB 	Ala 79
E24A-14/791-39 	Bonanza 	Esc791
HD16-5 		Alouette III
U9-7/407-30	CASA 127
U9-30/407-24	CASA 127
U9-44/407-20	CASA 127
U9-46/407-25	CASA 127
U9-48/407-31	CASA 127
U9-75/407-51	Do27
D2-03 		Fk27-400MPA 	Esc802
U9-?? 		CASA 127 	(in primer)
.../214-91	HA200		(dismantled)
.../214-111	HA200		(dismantled)
P3-4/22-23	P-3C 		Gruppo 22
P3-6/22-25	P-3C 		Gruppo 22
.../212-51	SF-5A 		Esc212
.../212-56	SF-5A 		Esc212
.../212-60	SF-5A 		Esc212
.../212-62	SF-5A 		Esc212
(E25-07)/79-07 	CASA 101 	Ala79
E25-08/79-08 	CASA 101 	Ala79
(E25-09)/79-09 	CASA 101 	Ala79
(E25-14)/79-14 	CASA 101 	Ala79
E25-22/79-22 	CASA 101 	Ala79
(E25-26)/79-26 	CASA 101 	Ala79
(E25-45)/79-45 	CASA 101 	Ala79
U9-... /781-..	CASA 127

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